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    About Us

    "First Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" is a large – scale and long-term project created by concerned Ukrainians for the benefit of their country. Long – term experience of our work has formed the company's motto-to develop without stopping for a minute! 
    We are leaders in our industry and strive to fully justify this position by offering domestic entrepreneurs excellent raw materials for the development of chemistry, chemical and polymer raw materials, solvents and surfactants-such a wide range will satisfy the needs of the most selective customers! In addition, we are focused on small wholesale and retail trade – household chemicals, construction products, fertilizers and heat carriers.
    Understanding the needs and analyzing the demand, we strive to anticipate the needs of our partners, daily adding to the product range. The main task is to create optimal conditions for customers by offering direct prices from manufacturers, without artificially inflating and cheating. This is the only way to improve the country's economy in the future, while continuing to develop and open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and manufacturers.
    Assortment: we have everything!
    Our product catalog is constantly expanding due to our common idea and commitment to leadership. To meet the needs of a wide range of customers, we add new positions and do not stop at the achieved level.
    The entire range of our chemical products can be divided into the following categories:
    ·         food chemistry;
    ·         chemical raw materials;
    ·         polymer raw materials;
    ·         fertilizers;
    ·         solvents;
    ·         acids;
    ·         products for heating systems;
    ·         substances for veterinary and pharmaceutical industry;
    ·         organic products;
    ·         inorganic products;
    ·surfactants and chemicals for the cosmetics industry;
    ·         cosmetic preparations;
    ·         building and welding materials;
    ·         household chemicals;
    ·         sanitizers.
    In addition, we offer our partners wholesale supplies of diesel fuel, grain crops, and perfume raw materials. Keeping up with the times, we will provide you with the most modern products: for example, such as liquid fillers for electronic cigarettes and so on.
    Food chemistry at an affordable price
    Food chemical products of our company are focused primarily on the end user – private and state-owned production of meat, fish and sausage products, bakeries and bakeries, confectionery shops, enterprises for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Here you will always find the main groups of high-quality food additives, vitamin complexes, preservatives, food phosphates and various types of confectionery fats. In addition, we supply our customers with a range of products for sports nutrition: amino acids, protein concentrates, and more.
    Owners of livestock farms can purchase the necessary feed additives for animals on the pages of our website.
    Interesting items in the food catalog that are in demand are soy products, vegetable cream substitutes, sweeteners and flavor enhancers.
    A huge selection of products for the production of meat delicacies will allow you to choose exactly those components that are provided by the recipe of your production.
    Owners of private bakeries will be able to get favorable conditions for high-quality ingredients for bakery products: flour, yeast, sugar, starch, soda, salt and other products.
    Chemical raw materials are the basis of any production
    Hundreds of chemical products are popular with our customers and are mainly focused on the following types of production:
    ·        rubber industry;
    ·        leather goods (leather industry);
    ·        production of ceramics and glass goods;
    ·        pharmaceutical companies;
    ·        production of household chemicals;
    ·        agricultural industrial workshops.
    In addition, our warehouses have more than 30 types of acids of domestic and foreign production, which are widely used in various industries.
    Polymer raw materials– high – and low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, plastics and their varieties-you can easily find using the thematic index in our catalog.
    A wide selection of solvents, packaged in cans and barrels, can be ordered both wholesale and retail. If you are in doubt about your choice, contact our experienced managers for help.
    "Organic","inorganic", surfactants and much more...
    On the pages of our website's electronic catalog you will find almost the entire periodic table in compounds and mixtures! Products are conveniently divided into"organic" and"inorganic" components, which makes it easier to find the right product. We are responsible for the quality of our products and therefore carefully monitor the conditions of their storage and transportation.
    Here you can order everything you need for the production of cosmetics, perfumes and household chemicals: Surfactants, complexing reagents, chemical and optical brighteners, opacifiers, and pearl additives. The best price for economy class powder in wholesale packaging- only in our market!
    Owners of farms that breed animals and birds will find a wide range of veterinary medicines for their Pets, allowing them to grow healthy livestock. The products are available in liquid, powdered or tablet form.
    In almost any production, disinfection products based on chlorine and other components will be useful, which you can order along with the main products.
    Fertilizers for agriculture
    Farmers, gardeners and owners of fruit and vegetable farms will be pleasantly surprised by the price and quality of fertilizers purchased in our market! A huge selection of saltpeter (ammonia, potassium, calcium, etc.), nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulfur-containing top-UPS will surprise even an experienced buyer, and complex fertilizers of excellent quality will become your effective assistant in the fight for a rich and healthy harvest.
    Wholesale and retail: we value every customer
    The goal of the company"First Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" is to expand the sales market and provide Ukrainian producers with high − quality raw materials at the best price. That is why we accept orders of any level: from single items to wholesale deliveries. Each client is first of all a partner for us, and we try to do everything possible to make this partnership long – term and mutually beneficial!
    When making purchases in our online store, you get:
    ·         optimally low prices for the entire range;
    ·         high quality service;
    ·         professional advice on any position;
    ·         flexible system of discounts for each buyer;
    ·         modern goods of the best quality.
    Evaluate the advantage of shopping in the"First Ukrainian market of chemical raw materials" today! We are waiting for your requests and suggestions online or by calling the contact numbers listed on the site.
    Our philosophy is sustainable development, quality, and leadership as a long ― term development strategy.
    Our goal is to reduce Your costs for purchasing raw materials. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the Ukrainian economy.
    We work for You!