Amophos - the strategy of the vidminnyy vrozh!

Amophos - high concentrations of complex goodness, which is stored by 52% of phosphorus spolu and 12% of nitrogen. Also, a few lively speeches are pleasantly infused into vegetables, cereals and fruit-berry cultures, which can increase the strength of the growing roses to weather factors and increase the extravagant vigor.

The plants of amophos, good in water, phosphorus, can be easily adopted by all types of soils, and that is widely stagnated in the quality of the front and main goodness in the fields and in the adjoining houses. In arid regions, I will grow vicorist as a self-contained drug, in others, it is successful to combine nitrogen, nutrient components and amophos. The price is kindly acceptable, and the economic efficiency with such a combination of growth is 40%!

Vikoristannya amofos allowed:

improve the productivity of crops;

adjusting the dryness of the roslin;

zm_tsniti root system;

speed up growth and maturity;

polish tasting the quality of the final product;

prodovzhiti termіni zberіgannya ready-made fruits.

To become a successful farmer, to finish off in advance, to replace the amofos, to buy kindly to the ear of the growing season and to add it to the soil, if the recommended dosage is recommended for a specific skin type of crops.

Amophos, or phosphoric acid ammonium - is complex and kindly, as it can be treated with a way of neutralization of phosphoric acid and ammonia. The ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus in such ages is approximately 1: 4. At such a concentration, amophos is 2.5 times more effective than such extended ages of ammonium sulfate and superphosphate.

Why is amofos needed?

As a rule, it’s kind of kindly victorious in the quality of the main living component on soils, so that you know the need for phosphorus and not enough nitrogen. Inhabitants of the arid regions of the country are actively creeping into a year of amophos, and fertilize the earth in the preset period. Not less effective nitrogen-phosphorus complex in case of soil disturbance and planned "reanimation". And in a slightly alkaline or neutral soil, it kindly opens up a friendly phosphate regime for roslin, apparently in conjunction with nitrogen and caloric additives.

Making amofos is an economically viable retreat for farmers and city dwellers! The effect of the growth rate is 30-40%, when combined with other nitrogenous additives (for example, ammonium nitrate). The amount of amophos, which is necessary for the specific skin soil, is protected by fahivtsi from the data for the forefront analysis.

Amophos: storing on the ground

Deyaki summer residents allow themselves to be rudely pardoned, pidsipayuchi amofos yak universal goodness from all roslini on dilyantsi. It’s not correct, even if there are many cultures, you will need more in extra superphosphate, less in complex additives.

Most effective amophos in tandem with such yak crops:

vegetables and root crops (beet, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, etc.);

cereals of crops (corn, wheat, barley, oats, wheat);

fruit of the tree;

yagidnі chagarniki;

kiti and lawn grass.

In the case of a specific skin type, it is necessary to take a dose of amophos with the help of individual characteristics of the growth. For example, for the improvement of starchiness in the bulbs of the cartoplas, add 2 g of podgodivli into the skin well. To cultivate the grapevine and to accumulate nitrates in mature berries, it is recommended to cultivate the ground with pagons, having grown 400 g of dobriv in 10 liters of water. Secondary processing is carried out after 14 days at the viglyad of post-root growth (150 g of dry speech per 10 liters of water). For the improvement of malt from cricket root crops of the type of beet and vivedennya from bulbs of large spoluk, apply amofos without a median when planting 5 g per 1 m of seed row.

In such a rank, amofos, the price is completely accepted and justified, because it does not only develop the tighter root system and increase the yield of your roslin. To improve the quality of vegetables, cereals and berries, and also to continue the terms of harvesting ripe products!

The most kindly non-vibrating to the minds of the amphibian and efficiently stretching 24 months from the moment of preparation: smut - not to allow the fall on the granules of amophos.

Let the boules go strong and steady until the weather drops, and the harvest will please some and the good, you will be aware of the great propositions from the company "GK" Ukraine Promislova "on our amofos. manager for contact phone numbers.