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    Zinc stearic acid
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    What is zinc stearic acid for?

    Zinc stearic acid is a salt that resists dissolving in water. It is synthesized from stearic acid, which has a fatty and soft texture. Zinc oxide is also added to it to obtain the desired antiseptic effect. In the cosmetic industry, zinc stearate is used as an affordable and effective lubricant and softener.

    Zinc stearate: properties and main characteristics of the substance

    We have already mentioned that this ingredient has excellent astringent and antiseptic properties. For many years, it has been actively used in the manufacture of cosmetics for personal hygiene. This became possible due to the presence of zinc in the substance - a trace element that effectively fights bacteria and viruses.

    Zinc stearate, the formula of which is C36H70O4Zn, is a priority component for use in the domestic health care system. This became possible after studies of its effect on the body of animals were carried out - in its pure form, zinc stearate turned out to be non-toxic.

    For humans, this component has a low and medium hazard - it all depends on the duration of its use in its pure form, as well as on the method of use. Uncontrolled use of zinc stearate in humans can be fraught with the development of allergic reactions, cancer and immunotoxicity.

    If you are interested in zinc stearate, its chemical characteristics are as follows:

    - it melts at a temperature of 118-125 degrees;

    - the moisture content of the substance is no more than 0.5%;

    - free fatty acids it contains no more than 1.5%;

    - ash content does not exceed 12.8-14.2%.

    When comparing zinc stearate to other types of metal stearates, its melting point is much lower than that of others. Therefore, this substance, with gradual heating, is able to expand more evenly.

    Zinc stearate: various applications

    Most often, this component is used in the production of rubber and plastics on an industrial scale. Zinc stearic acid is suitable for this purpose both as a lubricant, extremely easy to use, and as a powdery agent. Zinc stearate is equally common in cosmetics, especially in popular skin care products with a drying effect.

    It can also be used as:

    - reliable absorbent of acids;

    - an additional component in the processing of polyolefins;

    - means for increasing the abrasiveness of grinding machines;

    - matting component in the composition of paints;

    - hydrophobic material in the composition of plasters.

    Zinc stearate comes in a variety of forms. Remember that there are some differences between zinc stearic acid, obtained from raw materials of plant and animal origin.

    Fine powder zinc stearate has a large active surface area. It perfectly combines with other mixtures in the form of a powder, has a high dispersion and an average level of bulk density.

    Zinc stearate, the preparation of which in granules or larger flakes makes it easy to determine its exact dosage, is well dispersed in polymers. This substance is characterized by a high bulk density, suitability for long-term storage in various types of feed, resistance to abrasion and excellent fluidity. It is used most often to improve the level of industrial hygiene.

    Zinc stearate in a convenient tablet form is also suitable for long-term storage in feed, it is resistant to abrasion and free flowing.

    Where to buy zinc stearate in Ukraine is the most convenient and profitable?

    Customers of our online store can count on the lowest prices for various types of chemical raw materials. We have equally favorable conditions for wholesale and retail buyers, regardless of the volume of the order, as well as delivery of goods to any point in Ukraine within the previously agreed time frame, without delays.

    Zinc stearic acid has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture. By contacting our managers online or by calling the phone number indicated on the website, you yourself will be convinced that we are selling high-quality zinc stearate at the most pleasant prices.

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