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    Molybdenum disulfide and its benefits for industry

    A high-quality chemical compound of this type contains more than 98% of the active substance in its composition. Impurities and water in it no more than 2%. You can buy molybdenum disulfide from us online, having previously selected the packaging that suits you - drums of 8 or 90.72 kg.

    Molybdenum disulfide: application of the substance in industry

    In most cases, this component is used as:

    - Material used to design reactors at nuclear power plants. It is the molybdenum disulfide coating that is best suited for this - other metal alloys do not cope with the task.

    - Component of the alloying process of metal alloys, steels of different quality. This became possible due to the suitability of spare parts in rockets and electric vacuum devices made of molybdenum and alloys based on it to work in vacuum at temperatures that sometimes reach 1800 В° C.

    - Material for the production of skins for missiles, aircraft. In this case, molybdenum and chemical compounds based on it are used both for the manufacture of the main structure and for the production of heat shields. The properties of molybdenum disulfide, and especially a sufficient level of specific strength up to 1370 В° C, determine its preferential use for this purpose.

    - A piece of equipment that is constantly in a hostile environment.

    - The main component for making wire suitable for use in high temperature furnaces. The molybdenum disulfide wire is suitable for use in the field of radio electronics, as well as for the manufacture of tubes for X-ray machines, parts for lamps and other types of similar devices.

    - Main component for the production of heat shields, panels for spacecraft, heat exchangers, stabilizers for supersonic aircraft. Why is this substance chosen for this purpose? It's very simple - molybdenum-based alloys are characterized by high strength, as well as resistance to oxidation and gas erosion.

    - Material suitable for the manufacture of electrodes required for the organization of the melting process in the glass industry. The incredible strength and hardness of molybdenum disulfide prevents it from deforming during high pressure hot working.

    - Pigment for paints and varnishes, which are used for dyeing different types of furs and textiles.

    - Lubricant for parts that rub against each other during operation in low and high ambient temperatures.

    - Useful component in engine oil. It is molybdenum disulfide that forms a small interlayer on metal surfaces, which significantly reduces friction. Most often, this engine oil is used in winches and gearboxes with cylindrical teeth.

    But in no case should you buy it for gasoline engines that operate at high speeds. Why? This is impractical due to the fact that such engine oil is not a homogeneous chemical solution, but a physical mixture. It contains rather large molybdenum particles, which, when the engine is running, often fall into unwanted areas.

    As a result, such a lubricant, under the influence of a high temperature inside the engine, forms solid deposits on the piston rings, which adversely affect the operation of the CRC. In the future, this can lead to an increase in the temperature load on the engine, as well as to the breakthrough of gases into the engine oil. Therefore, the world's best automotive manufacturers do not recommend the use of molybdenum disulfide engine oils.

    What else is molybdenum disulfide used for? To improve the physical characteristics of the steel, namely its toughness, pierceability, strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, alloys that contain this component in their composition are mainly used for the production of the most important products, devices and their parts.

    In addition, molybdenum disulfide is part of stellites, special metal alloys. They are used to finish the edges of steel parts that are worn out. The use of such alloys has many more advantages than other types, since they are resistant to high temperatures and corrosive acidic environments.

    Molybdenum disulfide, the shelf life of which from the date of manufacture is no more than 2 years, is suitable for use as:

    - catalyst for chemical reactions;

    - constituent component for the manufacture of glazes;

    - additives to fertilizers commonly used in agriculture;

    - solid lubricant that can withstand high temperatures;

    - component in the process of manufacturing mirrors for high power gasdynamic lasers;

    - thermoelectric material.

    Molybdenum disulfide: where to buy it quickly and profitably?

    We offer our clients to purchase 2 brands of disulfide molybdenum - American and Chinese. Everyone interested in You can always check with our managers for details about the product, namely the availability of guarantees about manufacturers and international quality certificates, by contacting them online or by phone number.

    It has now become much easier to buy molybdenum disulfide in Ukraine, because you no longer need to look for a point of sale for this raw material in your city. We offer convenient conditions for ordering goods online. Its delivery is carried out by any courier company that suits you best. When placing an order, we individually specify the delivery time of the order with each client and report its total cost.

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