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    Phthalic anhydride: options for using the substance

    Phthalic anhydride is another name for the chemical component phthalic acid anhydride, which is actively used in industry. Outwardly, it looks like a powder - white or completely colorless.

    Phthalic anhydride: formula and methods of application

    The synthesis of the substance occurs as a result of the catalytic oxidation reaction of orthoxylene (naphthalene). This type of anhydride is prone to sublimation, it lends itself well to dissolution in ethanol and benzene.

    Phthalic anhydride, which is approved for the industrial production of plastics, paints and varnishes, is also suitable for the manufacture of:

    - plasticizers;

    - retarders of the scorch process;

    - dyes;

    - alkyd and polyester resins;

    - medicines;

    - preparations for the destruction of weeds and insect pests;

    - additives for lubricating oils.

    Phthalic anhydride, the chemical properties of which allow it to be used in the manufacture of aviation fuel as an additive, is often used in analytical chemistry. With its help, phenols, phenolic resins, lower and higher alcohols are found in substances - the anhydride acts as a reagent.

    Safety measures and basic storage rules

    If you want to buy phthalic anhydride - the manufacturers of the substance are strenuously drawing the attention of buyers to the need to comply with safety rules when working with it.

    Even the slightest contact of anhydride on mucous membranes, skin or respiratory tract causes a strong local reaction in the form of irritation. With prolonged direct contact with the substance, a strong allergic reaction begins, requiring medication. Therefore, when working with phthalic anhydride, you need to use personal protective equipment - gloves and respirators.

    The substance should be stored in a warehouse at a moderate temperature, away from direct sources of ignition. It must be well ventilated.

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