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    KAS-32: application to the soil, composition, advantages Urea-ammonia mixture is a complex fertilizer that combines saltpeter and urea component dissolved in water. If we talk about a percentage, then the composition of the substance can be distributed as follows: about 45% nitrate, 35% carbamide..
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    Urea is inexpensive with delivery, a universal product for all crops and soils ORDER DELIVERY Today, urea (urea) is the most versatile and relatively inexpensive fertilizer. A distinctive feature of carbamide is that it is suitable for almost all crops and types of soils. This factor is impor..
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    Granfoska The newest mineral granular fertilizer-ameliorant. Composition: calcium (Ca) - 27%, phosphorus (P) - 17%, potassium (K) - 5%; magnesium (Mg). Boron (B), sulfur ( S ), zinc (Zn), manganese ( - Improves the habitat of soil microorganisms and bacteria that stimulate plant growth. ..
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    Ammonia water technical is produced in two grades, depending on the purpose: A - for various industries; B - for agriculture as a nitrogen fertilizer. Aqueous ammonia is a non-combustible and non-explosive liquid. Key indicators Norm for brand A B Appearance Transparent colorl..
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    Diammofoska NPK 9-25-25 Ukraine N - 9; P2O5 - 25; K2O - 25 Packing: M 50 kg, BB 1000 kg Diammofoska - concentrated, highly effective nitrogen (10%) - phosphorus (26%) - potash (26%) mineral fertilizer . This is a granular double nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, which contains 20-21% nitrog..
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    Fosforitnaya flour (P = 69%)
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    Phosphorite flour - mineral fertilizer, when applied to the soil, weakens the acidity of the soil harmful to plants and microorganisms, therefore, its application to acidic, soddy-podzolic soils is indispensable, and for the enrichment of leached chernozems. Phosphate flour - helps to increase crop..
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    Sulphureous anhydride
    Not available
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    The main area of ??application of sulfur dioxide is the production of sulfuric acid; used in the paper and textile industries, as well as for the sulfation of vegetables and fruits. The high heat of vaporization and easy condensability make it suitable for use in refrigeration technology. As a..
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    A monocalcium is a phosphate, feed монокальцийфосфат GOST 23999-80
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    Monocalcium phosphate (fodder monocalcium phosphate) is used as a mineral supplement for all types of farm animals and birds. With feed supplemented with monocalcium phosphate, animals receive calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to the formation of solid bone tissue and skeleton, improve the f..
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    Diammonium phosphate (ammonium hydrogen phosphate, diammophos) is a water-soluble salt formed by the interaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid. It is a white or gray granules, readily soluble in water. It is physiologically neutral, non-hygroscopic, non-dusty and non-caking. Diammonium phosphate i..
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    GOODS ON SALE FROM 1 TON Copper sulfate - transparent hygroscopic crystals of triclinic shape, bright of blue color. It is a blue copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate. It dissolves well in water, concentrated solutions of hydrochloric acid, dilute alcohol, poorly soluble in ethanol. In air, ..
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    AMIACHNA SELITRA AMIACHNA SELITRA , formula NH4NO3 є one of the most popular types of mineral goodness and a universal type of nitrogen goodness ... Selіtru zasosovuyut zdebіlshgo on the great farm enterprises and private ugіddyah. Shukayte viskoyakisnu amіachnuyu seleter from provincial Ukr..
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    Complex mineral kindly Ekoplant , available from roslinnaya syruvin - the sol of the sleepyhead. Main speech - < b> kaliy in forms easily accessible for roslin - not less than 28% . Krim kaliyu, our kindly revenge phosphorus - 4- 5% , the stiffness of the roslin grows to low tempe..
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