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    Nutritional supplements

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    Milk powder Milk can be found in most modern food products. It is healthy, tasty and nutritious; it is used in industry and home cooking. The only drawback of this product is its short shelf life. But time does not stand still and there is a way out of the situation. With ear milk, whose co..
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    Apple acid of E296
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    The main difference between this substance is the fact that it can be both inorganic and organic. It is also indicated on food packaging as malonic, hydroxybutanedioic or hydroxy succinic acid under the abbreviation E296. Basic properties substances Malic acid belongs to the group of h..
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    Sodium is an alginate (Å 401)
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    Alginic acid has a pronounced moisturizing and lifting effect. She is a leader in cosmetology for facial contour modeling. Salts of alginic acid (potassium, sodium, magnesium alginates) were discovered by the Englishman Stanford in 1883 as part of brown seaweed. Today sodium alginate is the l..
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    Fructose (arabino-hexulose, levulose, fruit sugar) - monosaccharide - ketohexose In living organisms, only the D-isomer is present - in free form in almost all sweet berries and fruits, it is included as a monosaccharide link in the composition of sucrose and lactulose. Used in the preparation of..
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    Sorbitol (sorbitol) also known as glucitol is a six-alcohol alcohol with a sweet taste. Edible sorbitol is a white solid crystalline substance, odorless, readily soluble in water, has a pleasant taste with a sweetness of about 2 times less sugar. It is obtained by hydrogenation of glucose with th..
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    Lactic acid (lactate) - ?-hydroxypropionic (2-hydroxypropanoic) acid. Lactic acid is formed during lactic acid fermentation of sugars, in particular in sour milk, during the fermentation of wine and beer. As a food additive in bakery, lactic acid is most often used for prophylaxis in the fight ag..
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    Agar-agar price and delivery cost, detailed characteristics - please check with the manager in the sales department. Agar-agar is a product (a mixture of agarose and agaropectin polysaccharides) obtained by extraction from red (phyllophora) and brown algae. Agar-agar (from Malay agar - jelly)..
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    Butylhydroxytoluene (E-321) is a food supplement, a synthetic analogue of vitamin E, used as an antioxidant. Butylhydroxytoluene (E-321) is used as an antioxidant substance. It is used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuel, rubber and oil products, electrical transformer oils. In medici..
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    Carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt is a colorless amorphous substance, by its chemical nature it is a high-polymer ionic electrolyte. Carboxymethylcellulose is obtained by the reaction of monochloroacetic acid with alkylcellulose, which, in turn, is obtained from cellulose and caustic soda ... Ca..
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    Calcium chloride, CaCl2 - calcium salt of hydrochloric acid. Registered as a food additive E509. Considered harmless (as an additive). Colorless crystals with a density of 2.51 g / cm?, mp 772 В° C. Possesses high hygroscopic properties. Solubility (g per 100 g H2O): 74 (20 В° C) and 159 (100 В° ..
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    Sodium nitrite is a salt of nitrous acid - colorless or slightly yellowish crystals, readily soluble in water, hygroscopic. Melting point 284 В° C; decomposition temperature> 320 В° C; density 2.17 g / cm?; solubility in water 82 g / 100 ml (20 В° C). An aqueous solution of sodium nitrite is alka..
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    Glucono-delta-lactone (E575) is of synthetic origin and has a zero hazard level (safe for health). Food additive E575 (chemical substance Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL)) is white or creamy fine crystalline powder. Glucono-delta-lactone is hygroscopic, tasteless and odorless, readily soluble in water..
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