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    Food chemistry

    Бренд: Европа
    Tartaric acid - used in the food industry (food additive E334), in medicine, in analytical chemistry for the detection of aldehydes, sugars, etc. Tartaric acid is a common natural compound ... It is found in significant quantities in the acidic juice of many fruits, for example, in grape juice...
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    Beta carotene Specification: Natural dye beta-carotene for oil-fat, confectionery, non-alcoholic and other industries. Concentration 1%, 5%, 30% Beta-carotene can be fat - or water-soluble, of different concentrations (1%, 5%, 30%), in the form of liquid or powder. Also, on our..
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    Calcium carbonates are well known as common white chalk. It is a chemical compound - carbonic acid salt, insoluble in ethanol. In nature, calcium carbonates are widespread, occurring in the form of minerals calcite, aragonite and vaterite. Most groups of invertebrates (molluscs, sponges) are comp..
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    sodium caseinate produced in Ukraine, the price is much lower than foreign analogues. Specify the price in the sales department. Ukrainian sodium caseinate is manufactured according to TU U 20.5-40392270-003: 2016 Physical and chemical indicators: ..
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    Food lactose (milk sugar) is essentially a disaccharide containing glucose and galactose molecules. It is a white and yellowish white powder with a sweetish taste. It is obtained by evaporation, and after crystallization and drying of cheese whey. This substance has a high nutritional value, whic..
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    Product name: Titanium dioxide Characteristics: White powder with a shade Registry number. 13463-67-7 Molecular Weight: 79.88 Molecular Formula: TIO2 Color Index: 77891 Color Name: White Pigment 6 Shelf life: 5 years Standard: FCC 8 / USP37 Purpose of the product: For use in the f..
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    the main component of which is maltose disaccharide. IM-50 is obtained from corn starch by cleavage of the polysaccharide into sugars, by acid and / or enzymatic hydrolysis using various enzyme preparations that allow obtaining the required carbohydrate composition. Treacle is purified with activate..
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    Бренд: Украина
    by the method of enzymatic hydrolysis using various enzyme preparations that allow obtaining the required carbohydrate composition. Treacle (glucose syrup) is purified with activated carbon, after which it is concentrated. IG-42 has a low viscosity and color in comparison with starch syrup obtained ..
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    Acetylsalicylic acid Also, on our website, you can order the following products: Chemical raw materials Industrial chemistry Fertilizers Feed additives, amino acids Food additives Raw materials for bakeries and bakeries ..
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