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    Food chemistry

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    We bring to your attention tannin for wine, country of origin Belgium, buy tannin at the best price from a warehouse in Kiev or order delivery by courier across Ukraine. Tannin is a natural polyphenol extracted from tree bark, seeds and leaves Some types of nuts are also used. Thanks to the tanni..
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    KAZENAT NATRIYU KHARCHOVIY Sodium caseinate - a milk bottle, removing from acid casein by means of a ross of yogo by rosin sodium caseinate Extrusion. Sodium caseinate is a richly functional milk bottle, which increases its characteristics, and itself: vologo-tyazyucha (1: 7), emulsifies he..
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    Palm oil If you think you've never tasted palm oil in your life, you are wrong. Palm oil is used for production by large companies known around the world, so it has long penetrated into the composition of familiar goods. Oil production began in ancient Egypt, so it is far from being an inno..
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    Magnesium carbonate (food additive E504) - colorless crystals, almost insoluble in water, magnesium carbonic acid. Reacts well with acids, while decomposing with the release of carbon dioxide. Widespread in nature as a mineral - the mineral "magnesite". Chemical formula: MgCO3. Magnesium carbon..
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    Sodium pyrosulfite is a crystalline powder of white or slightly yellow color with a pungent odor of sulfurous anhydride, it is readily soluble in water, it is difficult to dissolve in ethyl alcohol. It is a salt of pyrosulfurous acid. Sodium pyrosulfite solution has an acidic reaction. In water, ..
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    Glyuten is a corn
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    div class = "vendor mb"> Packaging: 30kg sacks Big bags 1000kg Additional information about shipment: Corn gluten is packed in bags of 30 kg. There are 35 bags on a pallet. The minimum batch is 10 tons. Application: Corn dry gluten is a free-flowing powder from light yellow to dark gray in..
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    Dextrose monohydrate (glucose), 99.6%. Made in China. Min. order - 25kg, delivery in Kiev - free of charge when ordering from 1000 UAH. Delivery across Ukraine. Features: Description Bilium, crystalline powder, with liquorice relish, vilny form of piece barvniks Відповідає I..
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    the main component of which is maltose disaccharide. IM-50 is obtained from corn starch by cleavage of the polysaccharide into sugars, by acid and / or enzymatic hydrolysis using various enzyme preparations that allow obtaining the required carbohydrate composition. Treacle is purified with activate..
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    Potassium iodide, potassium iodide, KI - potassium salt of hydroiodic acid. A colorless crystalline salt widely used as a source of iodide ions. Less hygroscopic than sodium iodide. In the light or when heated in air, it turns yellow due to the oxidation of iodide ions by atmospheric oxygen ..
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