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    Chemical raw materials for the agricultural industry

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    Oxalic acid - is a colorless monoclinic hygroscopic crystals, readily soluble in water. Limited - in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether, insoluble in chloroform, petroleum ether and benzene. Oxalic acid is a dibasic saturated carboxylic acid. Belongs to strong organic acids. Possesses all chemical..
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    Magnesium oxide Magnesium oxide is a chemical compound with the formula MgO, white crystals, insoluble in water, fire and explosion proof. The main form is the mineral periclase. Formula: MgO Molar mass: 40.3044 g / mol Melting point: 2 852 ° C Density: 3.58 g / cm³ IUPAC name:..
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    Distilled monoglycerides are produced on the basis of palm oil. Form solid tablets or powder Color from white to cream, odorless. Distilled monoglycerides - glycerol esters of stearic and palmitic acids. The content of monoglycerides is not less than 90%, a-monoglycerides is not less than 80%,..
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    Ammonium monophosphate Specification: Used as fertilizer, fire retardant for wood, paper, fabrics, mineral dressing for livestock, a component of flux for soldering tin, bronze, copper, zinc, baking powder, piezo and ferroelectric. Also, on our website, you can order the follow..
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    1,2-propylene glycol is a transparent, viscous liquid. The density of propylene glycol is slightly higher than that of water and is 1.03 g / l at 20 ° C. Pour point: -60 ° С. An aqueous solution of propylene glycol 60% freezes at a temperature of about -70 ° C. Propylene glycol is recognize..
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    Barium chloride (barium chloride) is a binary inorganic substance belonging to the class of salts. A colorless crystalline substance in the form of odorless flakes, has a layered triclinic lattice in which acid molecules are hydrogen-bonded into flat layers , the layers are interconnected by inte..
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    Specification: Ammonium carbonate ammonium carbonate, (NH4) 2CO3, salt, colorless crystals. Let's well dissolve in water. Very unstable both in air and in solution, because already at room temperature it releases ammonia, transforming to ammonium bicarbonate NH4HCO3. At t 60 ° C, it rap..
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    Potassium iodide, potassium iodide, KI - potassium salt of hydroiodic acid. A colorless crystalline salt widely used as a source of iodide ions. Less hygroscopic than sodium iodide. In the light or when heated in air, it turns yellow due to the oxidation of iodide ions by atmospheric oxygen ..
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    Feed copper oxide Application Oxide copper (I) is used as a pigment for coloring glass, ceramics, glazes; as a component of paints that protect the underwater part of the vessel from fouling; as a fungicide. It has semiconducting properties, used in copper oxide valves. Toxicity Copper ..
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    Together with manganese sulfate, manganese oxide is a component of fertilizers and food additives. For this purpose, thousands of tons of manganese oxide are used annually. Manganese, provided by manganese oxide, improves bone growth, ensures normal sugar and fat metabolism, improves hematopoietic ..
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    Sodium pyrosulfite is a crystalline powder of white or slightly yellow color with a pungent odor of sulfurous anhydride, it is readily soluble in water, it is difficult to dissolve in ethyl alcohol. It is a salt of pyrosulfurous acid. Sodium pyrosulfite solution has an acidic reaction. In water, ..
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    Cobalt chloride och. Please check with the sales department for price and availability: Also, on our website, you can order the following products: Chemical raw materials Industrial chemistry Fertilizers < tr> Feed additives, amino a..
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