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    E-liquids without nicotine

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    Glycerin for electronic cigarettes Transparent and colorless glycerin is used as the main or additional element for creating refills for electronic cigarettes. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is considered a completely harmless substance that is used in many industries. As a component of e-cigarett..
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    Nicotine for e-cigarettes Dear customers! We deliver nicotine on order within 35 calendar days, the minimum batch is 100 grams. Please note, we sell 100% natural nicotine (there are 3 factories in the world, USA, Germany, China). Nicotine for e-cigarettes is a ready-made base for sel..
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    Nicotinic acid is a vitamin involved in many oxidative reactions of living cells. White crystalline powder, odorless, slightly acidic taste. It is difficult to dissolve in cold water (1:70), preferably in hot water (1:15), slightly soluble in ethanol, very little in ether. Nicotinic acid is wid..
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    Propylene glycol for e-cigarettes E-cigarette is not only a way to quit smoking, it is a whole subculture dedicated to a certain lifestyle. The advantages of the electronic cigarette over the tobacco predecessor are scientifically proven, so more and more people are abandoning nicotine in favor o..
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    Triacetin E1518 (glyceryl triacetate, triacetylglycerin, Triacetin) is a food additive of artificial origin used as a water-retaining agent, a solvent. Triacetin is a colorless liquid with a bitter taste and a slight fatty odor. > E1518 is produced by chemical synthesis - the interaction of ace..
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