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    / span> О 6 ) is a naturally occurring organic compound that belongs to the class of carbohydrates monosaccharides and crystallizes from aqueous solutions, turning into alpha-glucose monohydrate. Dextrose monohydrate contains a single water molecule (H2O). Dextrose monohydrate contains no other ..
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    background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; "> Etymology. The name" dextrose ", like the Latin letter D, comes from the Latin word" dexter ", which translates as" right ". This is also evidenced by the + sign. It means, th..
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    Kroskarmelloza of sodium
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    Croscarmellose sodium Croscarmellose is a chemical substance, a white or gray-white powder. Has no smell, is devoid of taste. High absorption rate. Easily soluble in water. How to use Croscarmellose sodium is used primarily as a dehydrant for internal medications (tablets, capsules..
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    Lactulose concentrate is a syrup, more precisely, an aqueous solution of sugars, consisting of lactose, lactulose and galactose. Lactulose concentrate is made from milk sugar (raw or refined). Ingredients - Fructose, lkatose, galactose - up to 25%. Application Lactulose conc..
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    Chemical composition May be caused by strong acids (for example, hydrochloric). 1 g of lactulose is heated to 100 ᵒС, then completely hydrolyzed to lactose and glucose for one hour in 100 ml of 10% sulfuric acid. At temperatures below 10 ᵒС and when heated, hydrolysis can proceed with hydro..
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    Fructose. Insulin-independent sweetener. Refers to reducing sugars. The sweetest natural sugar. Sweetness coefficient 1.5-2.0. Crystalline white powder. Found in honey, fruits and berries. It has a pleasant, natural taste. Hygroscopic. Has a preservative effect. Applications: medicinal pr..
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    Sodium cyclamate Manufacturer: Wenda (China) Product Description: Sweetener. A substance used to give a sweet taste to foods, drinks, medicines. Also, on our website, you can order this products: ..
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    Лактоза пищевая Пищевая лактоза – белый или светло-жёлтый кристаллический порошок. Вкусовые качества – уступает сахару. Содержится в молоке, где выступает его углеродом. Источник энергии для молодняка. Состав Лактозы – не менее 99,8% Производство – США, Германия, Литва. Область применения Лактоза пи..
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