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    Phosphate fertilizers

    Бренд: Азот Packaging: Тонна
    The unique properties and benefits of ammophos When choosing effective fertilizers based on phosphorus, the choice of most experienced farmers falls on ammophos, the price and quality of which is ideal for both seasonal application and regular feeding of various grain crops. The full name of ..
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    Бренд: Европа Packaging: кг.
    Mineral dobriv amofos ORDER DELIVERY Amofos - phosphorus and nitrogen is not good for the food Katunka, which revenge 51% phosphorus and close to 13% nitrogen. The soil, which is zagacheno with qimi speeches, will provide a povnotsinny roslin development. Amophos formula which is broken..
    14.00 грн.
    Бренд: Siarkopol Packaging: Тонна
    We have SUPERFOSPHATE SIARKOPOL 19 (25-32) in stock. We will make fast delivery of fertilizer to any point of Ukraine with our own fleet or railway standard. Most often, superphosphate is used in corn fields, rapeseed, soy. But in general, superphosphate is suitable for any agricultural crop and ..
    11 400.00 грн.
    Бренд: импорт Packaging: Тонна
    Ammophos Kazakhstan N - 10; R - 46 Packaging : M 50 The use of Ammophos provides: increase crop productivity; more efficient development of the root system in a plant; acceleration of plant development; less dependence of the growth and development of plants on weather and climatic ..
    23 000.00 грн.
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