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    Potash fertilizers

    Бренд: Европа Packaging: кг.
    Potassium chloride granular pink Belarus K2O - 60 Packaging : M 50, BB 1000 Granular plain concentrated potash fertilizer. Potassium chloride is a crystalline salt or white and pink granules with good physical qualities. It is low hygroscopic, does not cake, and easily dissipates. The ..
    10.00 грн.
    Бренд: Украина Packaging: Тонна
    Always available ammonium nitrate and urea at a bargain price! The largest there is a network of regional warehouses in Ukraine! To clarify the price, call the sales department Ekoplant Ukraine, P - 7; K2O - 49; CaO - 12; MgO - 10 Packing : M 40 Ek..
    11 000.00 грн.
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