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    Sulfur fertilizers

    Бренд: Европа Packaging: Тонна
    SuperAgro 12-24-10-5 Ukraine, N - 12; P - 24; S - 10; Ca - 5; Mg - 0.5 Packing: M 50 Superagro is a universal complex fertilizer. It can be used on all types of soils, as the main one, before sowing and when sowing fertilizer. A high concentration of nutrients, at least 45%, can significantly r..
    16 400.00 грн.
    Бренд: Европа Packaging: кг.
    Sulfur precipitated The smallest amorphous, pale yellow odorless powder. Practically insoluble in water. When sulfur interacts with organic substances, sulfides and pentathionic acid are formed, which have antimicrobial and antiparasitic activity. Used externally in the form of ointments (5 ..
    7.00 грн.
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