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    Lithium compounds

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    Lithium Chloride is a colorless salt, noticeably volatile even at red heat; when heated white in a stream of hydrogen chloride, it can completely evaporate. Lithium chloride on the abolition of other alkali metals is soluble in alcohol and in a mixture of alcohol with ether, and also spreads. LiC..
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    Lithium hydroxide is a colorless hygroscopic crystals with a tetragonal lattice, readily soluble in water (gives off heat), slightly soluble in ethanol. It is a strong base, it belongs to alkalis. Aqueous solutions are strongly alkaline. Melts and its aqueous solutions destroy glass, porcelain, int..
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    Lithium carbonate Li2CO3 is released when mixing solutions of lithium salts with solutions containing carbonate ions in the form of a white crystalline salt that is hardly soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. The specific carried it 2.11. The melting point is 618 ВВ° C. For the technica..
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