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    Nickel compounds

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    Nickel oxide is a crystalline homogeneous, water-insoluble powder, depending on the method of production and heat treatment, has a color from light to dark green or black. It is an inorganic binary compound of divalent nickel with oxygen, has weak basic properties. Dissolves in acids. Reduced wit..
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    Nickel sulphate is a crystalline substance of emerald green or turquoise color, soluble in water, weathered in air. This is one of the types of nickel salts. Nickel sulfate is a highly toxic substance, so when working with it, you must follow the rules for handling hazardous substances. Chemi..
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    Nickel chloride hexahydrate is a monoclinic crystals of grassy green color, eroded in dry air. Let's dissolve in water, ethanol, in an aqueous solution of ammonia, in diethyl ether. In humid air it spreads and turns green due to the formation of crystalline hydrate. Nickel salts contain an admixtur..
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