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    Phosphorus compounds

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    Orthophosphoric acid is a slightly yellow or yellow liquid, at room temperature it is a solid (colorless hygroscopic crystals), at temperatures above 213 В° C it is pyrophosphoric acid H4P2O7. Usually, orthophosphoric acid is considered to be its 85% aqueous solution (colorless, odorless syrupy li..
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    Polyphosphates are linear polymers of orthophosphoric acid in which phosphorus residues are linked by phosphoanhydride bonds. Polyphosphates are high-energy compounds ... Due to the presence of phosphorus atoms in their molecule, linked by anhydride bonds, they are capable of delocalizing energ..
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    Sodium tripolyphosphate - intended for the preparation of detergents, treatment of water used to power boilers, in the meat and dairy industries, retail trade and for other purposes. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used as an additive for washing all types of fabrics in any water at different tempera..
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