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    Chlorine compounds

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    THE PRODUCT IS SOLD ONLY WITH A LICENSE FROM THE BUYER! Hydrochloric acid (hydrochloric, hydrochloric, hydrogen chloride) - HCl, hydrogen chloride solution in water; strong monobasic acid. Colorless (technical hydrochloric acid is yellowish due to impurities of Fe, Cl2, etc.), "fuming" in the a..
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    Scope: in the chemical industry for the production of organochlorine and inorganic compounds (vinyl chloride, chloroform, methylene chloride, hydrochloric acid, propylene oxide), for the production of bleaching agents; in the pulp and paper industry for bleaching wood and paper pulp; in th..
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    Chlorine lime, Bleach - is a mixture of dibasic calcium hypochlorite salt, oxychloride, chloride and calcium hydroxide. It is used as a strong oxidant in the textile and paper industry for bleaching fabrics and cellulose, in some chemical industries for the production of chloroform, chloropicrin..
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