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    Zinc compounds

    Zinc is chlorous
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    Zinc chloride is white or slightly colored flakes or crystals or a light yellow solution. Zinc chloride in solid form is hygroscopic, it is quite well soluble in water, not flammable. Concentrated solutions have an acidic environment. Technical zinc chloride (zinc chloride) is used: as a d..
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    Zinc Oxide (Zinc Oxide) is a synthetic inorganic white pigment, zinc oxide obtained by sublimation or oxidation of metallic zinc or by other means from zinc-containing waste. It is a white powder that turns yellow when heated. Crystals are colorless at room temperature. Zinc oxide mixes with all ..
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    Zinc сернокислый
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    Zinc sulfate is a colorless transparent prismatic crystals or fine-crystalline powder of astringent taste, odorless. It is a zinc salt of sulfuric acid. It erodes in the air. Let's very easily dissolve in water, practically insoluble in ethanol, slowly dissolve in glycerin. Aqueous solutions are ac..
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