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    Production of sausages and delicacies

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    We offer a wide range of high quality and highly soluble food phosphates. We bring to your attention sodium diphosphate (disubstituted sodium pyrophosphate, acidic sodium pyrophosphate, disodium phosphate, E450, Diphosphates). This product can be used as an active acidity regulator and one of the c..
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    We offer Protect dietary fiber (dietary fiber, wheat fiber, bamboo fiber, cellulose, soy fiber) - good structure formers! Origin and composition. We offer wheat, soy, legumes and other types of fiber. 98% of dietary fiber consists of ballast substances, which is of great importance in terms of bi..
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    The offered soy fiber is an inexpensive and high-quality filler that has absorbed the best properties of dietary fiber and soy products, thanks to which it can better solve a number of technological problems that are posed for the above ingredients! Soy fiber can be successfully used in those are..
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    highly viscous, readily soluble and effective food thickener - guar gum (E412, Guar Gum, guar gum, guar) - one of the most popular components of all types of stabilization systems for the dairy industry. Our range includes guar gum with a viscosity of a 1% solution of at least 5000cps and 6000cps ..
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    GDL (glucono-delta lactone, gluconic acid lactone, E 575)) is a highly soluble product, used in meat, dairy, fish and other areas of the food industry. To increase the intensity and stability of color, It is recommended to use glucono-delta-lactone for adjusting the taste, adjusting the pH of sau..
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    We offer you the best acidity regulator for meat products - sodium pyrophosphate (E 450, Diphosphates, pyrophosphate, interaction with meat protein) This product can be used as an active acidity regulator in the production of meat products, confectionery, dairy and other types. The product is fin..
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    Purified carrageenan E 407 (Gives absolutely transparent solutions, elastic gels, practically does not contain fiber. Due to the transparent gel, purified carrageenan is used in more widely - not only in meat processing, but also in the dairy and confectionery industries). From the point of..
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    Sodium alginate (E401, sodium alginate, Na alginate, Sodium alginate). - an effective thickener that can give elastic, thermally irreversible gels in cold processes. All preparations based on sodium alginate dissolve relatively well in water, do not cake, when in contact with water give a thick m..
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    NI ZI N Antimicrobial substance Nizin (E-234) is practically the only preservative of natural origin. This is its main difference from traditional benzoic and sorbic acids. Nisin has a GRAS status confirming its safety for human health when used in the food industry. It is the only antibiotic ..
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    We offer monosteorate (monoglycerides of fatty acids, Monoglycerides of fatty acids, E471) for food production !!! Monoglycerides (monosteorates) can improve the quality of finished products and solve problems arising from the stratification of emulsions and the separation of fat during storage of ..
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    Diglycerides of fatty acids (E472, E372c, Citrem, Citrem) for food production !! Diglycerides in the meat industry are used in the production of sausages, pies, minced meat, meat pastes, etc. .d. Our emulsifiers improve the quality of such products and solve the problems arising from the stratifi..
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    it is possible to use a larger amount of fatty raw materials in the recipe; product quality is stabilized in case of heterogeneity of raw materials and fluctuations in the technological process; increases the resistance of products to adverse factors during storage. Recommended dosag..
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