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    Glycolic acid and the benefits of its use in cosmetology

    Most often, glycolic acid is used in the manufacture of facial skin care products. It enhances the action of other active substances on the skin, has excellent exfoliating and keratolytic properties.

    Basic properties of glycolic acid

    The acid belongs to a number of fruit (ANA) acids, it is of natural and synthetic origin. In nature, it is found in green grapes and sugar cane.

    The presence of glycolic acid in cosmetics provides more intensive exfoliation of skin cells and noticeable rejuvenation after just a few uses of the product. This type of fruit acid is unique in composition and properties - it has a low acidity level and a low molecular weight. Indeed, the lower the acidity level of a substance, the more intense its action will be. Glycolic acid is excellent for making highly effective facial skin care products.

    AHA-acid has the form of a transparent colorless liquid, the active substance in it, according to the standards, must contain at least 70-71%. Its molecular weight is 76.1 g / mmol. In addition to the main component, glycolic acid may also contain small amounts of formic acid, formaldehyde, iron and heavy metals.

    The use of glycolic acid in cosmetology

    Why do cosmetologists give preference to cosmetics for the care of different skin types based on this chemical component? The thing is that products with glycolic acid:

    - suitable for daily use;

    - effective in caring for young and aging skin;

    - improve the condition of oily and problem skin;

    - gently lighten the skin;

    - get rid of traces of scars and acne due to gentle exfoliation of cells.

    Glycolic acid, which has the most gentle effect on the skin, unlike other types of fruit acids, is suitable for different skin types. Its use allows even at home to gently exfoliate dead cells, stimulate blood circulation, and enhance the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid by the skin.

    Glycolic acid in creams, toners and cleansers helps to smooth the skin surface, narrow enlarged pores, and improve skin color. Its use is especially important for young problem skin with acne or minor local inflammation. Its mild effect lifts and smoothes the skin, eliminates redness.

    Glycolic acid reviews are most often positive than negative. The thing is that it does not differ in aggressive effects, and therefore it can be used practically without restrictions. Cosmetics are especially useful for owners of porous aged skin, prone to oily and characterized by a high density of the layer of keratinized cells. Glycolic acid reduces the amount of sebum secreted by the cells and also improves the complexion by eliminating the characteristic earthiness.

    The use of cosmetics based on fruit acid has a number of contraindications. The use of glycolic acid for a person prone to sensitivity and the occurrence of allergic reactions can provoke an undesirable effect in the form of peeling, redness and rosacea. Therefore, before using cosmetics, it is worth testing its effect on a small area of ??the skin.

    Moreover, glycolic acid enhances the degree of skin photosensitivity. Products based on it should not be used in the summer season without additional application of sunscreen cosmetics with a high SPF level. Only in this way will you avoid the appearance of burns and hyperpigmentation on the skin. Treatment with glycolic acid for acne at any age is best postponed until the autumn-winter period.

    Fruit acid cosmetics should be used with caution to treat advanced acne. The exfoliating effect of glycolic acid in acne often leads to thinning and increased permeability of the upper skin layer. Using disposable wipes instead of cloth towels and regularly replacing pillowcases is essential if you don't want to aggravate the rash.

    Where else is glycolic acid used?

    This AHA acid is mainly used for the creation of skin care cosmetics, namely:

    - day creams for the care of age and oily skin;

    - means for washing;

    - toning lotions for different skin types;

    - peels and scrubs that combine mechanical and acidic exfoliation of facial skin cells;

    - moisturizing and cleansing face masks.

    Glycolic acid is worth buying not only for skin care or for its treatment. It is widely used in laundries, for the manufacture of household chemicals, in the processing of metals, in the textile, oil and gas and fur industries.

    This type of fruit acid is especially appreciated by manufacturers of products made from valuable natural fur - mink and sable. The fur is treated with a special aqueous solution of glychydrochloric and formic acid. Thanks to this procedure, the fur becomes incredibly shiny, silky, soft and pliable. High quality products are made from it in the future.

    Glycolic acid is worth buying in Ukraine for manufacturers of clothes and accessories made of genuine leather. This substance prevents the formation of streaks and stains on the skin due to its chelating effect.

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