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    Peracetic acid (peroxyacetic acid, peracetic acid, NAA) - chemical compound, organic peracid with the formula CH 3 SB 3 N. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Peracetic acid CH3C (O) UN is formed by the action of concentrated hydrogen peroxide on glacial acetic acid aci..
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    Blue patented V E131 Due to its properties, E131 food coloring has found application in the food and medical fields. It is used in the production of beverages, sausages and meat products, as well as in medicine - for various types of diagnostic procedures. Main characteristics Food s..
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    glycolic acid
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    Glycolic acid and the benefits of its use in cosmetologyMost often, glycolic acid is used in the manufacture of facial skin care products. It enhances the action of other active substances on the skin, has excellent exfoliating and keratolytic properties.Basic properties of glycolic acidThe acid bel..
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    Peroxyacetic acid, пероксиуксусная acid, перуксусная acid, NUK
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    37. Peracetic acid is prepared by gradually adding acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to water containing sulfuric acid as a catalyst. The resulting mixture is kept for up to ten days to increase the yield. You can also use acetyl chloride or acetic anhydride to obtain NAA. Peracetic acid is al..
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    1,2-propylene glycol is a transparent, viscous liquid. The density of propylene glycol is slightly higher than that of water and is 1.03 g / l at 20 ° C. Pour point: -60 ° С. An aqueous solution of propylene glycol 60% freezes at a temperature of about -70 ° C. Propylene glycol is recognized ..
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    Soy isolate
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    Soy Protein Isolate: A Potent Plant Based ProteinWhat Is Soy Isolate Really? It is a plant-based dietary supplement that is most often used in their diet by professional athletes and bodybuilders, as well as people who follow a vegetarian diet.Soy isolate: nutritional supplement compositionThe mater..
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    A peroxigen is medical 60 % tanks are 20 kg
    -9 %
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    Promotion !!! When buying 10 canisters of hydrogen peroxide, you get a gift of 5 liters hand sanitizer "Kovisept" Hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of swimming pools is recommended by experts You need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of pools, because algae, bacteria and pathogens rapi..
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    Chlorhexidine 20% Package 1 liter (see photo: glass bottle with two corks) About the drug Chlorhexidine is a drug that has a high-intensity bactericidal and antiseptic effect. It is used to prevent the multiplication of various viruses, bacteria and protozoa. With the help of chlorhexidi..
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    Sodium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound, the sodium salt of hypochlorous acid. Anhydrous sodium hypochlorite is an unstable, colorless crystalline substance readily soluble in water. It is usually used in the form of a relatively stable pentahydrate (the most stable form is white rhombic cryst..
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    Methylene blue
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    Key features and uses of methylene blueMethylene blue is an organic reagent that is also a synthetic dye. Visually, this chemical substance looks like a powder of blue color, its granules are cast in a slight shade of bronze.Characteristics of methylene blue as a substanceMethylene blue is synthesiz..
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    Molybdenum disulfide
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    Molybdenum disulfide and its benefits for industryA high-quality chemical compound of this type contains more than 98% of the active substance in its composition. Impurities and water in it no more than 2%. You can buy molybdenum disulfide from us online, having previously selected the packaging tha..
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    Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), H2O2 is the simplest representative of peroxides. Colorless liquid with a "metallic" taste, soluble in water, alcohol and ether. ORDER DELIVERY Concentrated aqueous solutions are explosive. Hydrogen peroxide is a good solvent. It is released from water in t..
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