Buying fishmeal in bulk

In its production, the developer uses a unique processing method, which includes several technological processes, the main of which is thermophilic biofermentation. It allows you to modify the quality parameters of flour (presence of fat, percentage of protein, etc.) due to the use of different temperatures and speed modes.

It is important that this method of processing meets all applicable processing standards established by law. In addition, the manufacturer constantly conducts microbiological analyzes to ensure that the products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements. According to the latest analyzes, fishmeal is fully consistent with them.

The unique technology for the production of fish meal provides it with many advantages over similar products from other manufacturers. Among them:

- production without additives (only high quality organic raw materials);

- the content of all elements (amino acids, vitamins and microelements) in the required amount;

- the ability to set the parameters required for moisture, fat, protein content (from 32 to 65 percent).

Quality parameters of fish meal

One of the most important indicators is the percentage of protein in the composition, which is determined by the customer. The manufacturer offers the opportunity to purchase flour of two types:

1) With 32% crude protein. Tails and heads are used in production. This figure is 12 percent lower than that specified in the GOST, since the standard assumes the use of fish in full (along with the carcass).

2) With the presence of crude protein from 45%. In this option, blood meal is added, and fish carcass and fish are used.

Other parameters:

1. Humidity - 8 percent.

2. Calcium - 6 percent.

3. Fat content. With 32 percent crude protein, 17 percent fat, and 45 percent protein, 18 percent. It is important to note that this fat is "light" and is quickly absorbed. Since it does not oxidize after fermentation, it is not necessary to separately add fat to the feed, as when using other analogs.

4. Acid number of fat - from 7 to 12 percent.

5. Phosphorus - 1.8 percent.

6. Digestibility. With solubility - about 70 percent, with actual digestibility - above 90 percent. Such a high percentage of digestibility is provided due to a unique production method, including through such a process as fermentation.

How to dose fish meal for animals

• Breeding sows - 2-10 percent;

• Piglets over 10 weeks old - 3 percent;

• Piglets aged 4-10 weeks. - 5 percent (as part of the starter);

• cattle - 2-3 percent;

• Adult bird - 2-3 percent.

• Chickens: 7 percent of the total mass of the starting compound feed; 3 percent - in the final compound feed;

Cost, guarantee and storage of fish meal

We store fishmeal in a dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. Due to this, its shelf life is 1 year. At the same time, the main parameters of the products do not change.

Our company is doing everything to keep the price of fishmeal at an acceptable level for buyers. We believe that customers should buy the highest quality products at a price that is pleasing to them.