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    Key features and uses of methylene blue

    Methylene blue is an organic reagent that is also a synthetic dye. Visually, this chemical substance looks like a powder of blue color, its granules are cast in a slight shade of bronze.

    Characteristics of methylene blue as a substance

    Methylene blue is synthesized on the basis of dimethylaniline. In fact, this chemical is the main thiazine. In the assortment of our website you can find this substance, packaged in 1 kg plastic containers.

    This drug in the form of an aqueous solution is widely used in the treatment of people, animals and fish, since its price is as affordable as possible. The substance is also called methylene blue, it was first successfully synthesized in 1876, and it was from that time that the development of such a branch of chemistry as the chemistry of phenothiazines began.

    Basic chemical and physical properties:

    В· The substance melts at a temperature of 100 to 110 degrees;

    В· The molar mass of methylene blue is 319.85 g / mol;

    В· The substance is weakly soluble in water and ethyl alcohol;

    В· It practically does not dissolve in methyltrichloride and ethoxyethane;

    В· Methylene blue is easily reduced;

    В· Prone to light absorption in aqueous solutions.

    You can order methylene blue in bulk at any time, when it is convenient for you. Store this type of chemical in a tightly closed container, away from direct UV rays.

    Basic principles of using the reagent

    This chemical has a good antiparasitic effect, therefore it is valued for its effectiveness in treating fungal diseases in fish. With its help, you can effectively destroy parasites and fungi in the fish themselves and in their habitat. These can be artificial reservoirs and swimming pools. It is especially useful to use a solution of methylene blue during the incubation period in fish eggs.

    This substance has a positive effect on the respiratory processes in the tissues. It is possible to enhance the effect of its effect if it is used in conjunction with special feeds - this way you will achieve a more intense antibacterial effect.

    Buy methylene blue for fish is especially recommended for:

    В· Treatment of branchiomycosis and saprolegniosis;

    В· Preventing the development of mycosis in fish eggs;

    В· Fight against fish parasites - chilodonellae, ichthofthyrius and trichodins, as well as diseases, the development of which they provoke;

    В· Improvement of oxygen supply to fish during long-term transportation.

    It is very easy to prepare a medicinal composition based on this substance for an aquarium. To do this, add 1 mg of methylene blue per 50 liters of water to the water and mix the mixture thoroughly. After 5 days, it is worth replacing half of the aquarium liquid with freshly prepared one. If necessary, a similar procedure should be repeated after another 5 days, more is not required. Then we recommend that you completely get rid of methylene blue in your aquarium or artificial pond. It's very easy to do it yourself, you can:

    В· Completely drain the liquid with methylene blue and fill the container with ordinary filtered water;

    В· Pass the aquarium liquid with methylene blue through a special charcoal filter.

    If it is necessary to treat a large number of marine fish from fungi and parasites, we recommend buying methylene blue in bulk and using a separate container. The proportion of this chemical component to water should not exceed 1 mg per 10 liters of liquid. In a freshly prepared solution, fish should be placed 5 times for 3 hours at intervals after 1 day.

    If we are talking about the preventive treatment of fish caviar, then an aqueous solution of methylene blue in a proportion of 1 mg per 50 liters should be prepared for it. Eggs need to be processed only once, the procedure itself usually takes no more than 2-3 hours.

    To improve the respiratory processes in the tissues of fish, an aqueous solution of this active substance is also used in a proportion of 1 mg of methylene blue per 75 liters of liquid. To obtain the expected result, the fish is placed in it for 5 days.

    In addition to preparing aqueous solutions based on this dye, it is also added to fish food to prevent the development of dangerous parasitic and fungal diseases in them. To do this, add a few drops of methylene blue to the dry food in a 1: 2 ratio. After the mixture dries out, it must be fed to the fish for 10 days without interruption.

    This type of antiseptic is also used by veterinarians to treat sluggish granulating wounds, burns, squats, ulcers and eczema. For this purpose, either a powder with a concentration of methylene blue of 1-2%, or an aqueous / alcoholic solution of a substance with a concentration of 1-3%, is suitable.

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