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    Crystal violet: description, areas of use

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    Gentian violet is powdery crystalline a substance that quickly dissolves in water, ethers, ethanol. It is also called crystal violet.

    The substance is always in stock in our online store, you can order it in wholesale or retail lots at a bargain price. All deliveries of gentian ticket to our warehouses are accompanied by official documentation and quality certificates. You can be sure of the quality of the goods purchased from us. Our employees quickly process orders so that delivery to any region takes place as soon as possible.

    5 main properties of gentian violet

    Gentian violet refers to organic dyes. This substance has a violet color of a dark shade, is easily soluble in water, ethers, chloroform, alcohols, glycerol, ethanic acid. During titration in non-aqueous media, crystal violet changes color depending on the medium: in alkali it retains its violet color, in a neutral medium - blue-green, in acidic - yellow-green.

    The melting process of the substance begins after reaching a temperature of 215 degrees and is accompanied by decomposition. Gentian violet is obtained by oxidation of aminobenzene or its salts.

    The substance belongs to triphenylmethane dyes of organic nature. When storing it, care should be taken to preserve the tightness of the glass container in which it is located to avoid moisture ingress.

    Gentian violet is classified as a low-toxic substance in terms of its toxic effect on human health. During contact with the substance, a strong pink color of the skin and mucous membranes is possible.

    6 reasons for using gentian violet in medicine

    The substance has found widespread use during conducting laboratory tests. It is used as a reagent for the determination, precipitation and separation of various chemical elements. It also participates in the titration of carboxylic acids in acetic acid, is used as an acid-base indicator in an aqueous medium.

    In medicine and veterinary medicine gentian violet is used both in treatment and in laboratory practice. Histological tests are often not complete without this substance, which can stain bacteria during the study period.

    Crystal violet is an antimicrobial, astringent and antiparasitic substance.

    Gentian violet also used for cosmetic purposes: to treat skin diseases of various etiologies, to accelerate the healing process of wounds and burns. It is worth noting that the substances retain their properties for a long time when applied to the affected area of ​​the skin, thereby accelerating the renewal of granulation tissue.

    One and two percent alcohol solutions are available in pharmacies, which are prescribed for bedsores and frostbite. Effective gentian violet with strongyloidosis and other parasitic diseases of humans.

    Skin diseases for which the use of crystal violet is indicated includes the following: idiopathic eczema, open wounds, abscesses, soft tissue necrosis, burns. The substance also effectively copes with purulent skin diseases caused by streptococci and staphylococci, since it helps to reduce the level of coccal flora.


    Main feature < b> gentian violet - the ability to stain the skin, mucous membranes, urine and feces on contact. However, it can be classified as a low-toxic substance for both humans and animals.

    Despite the low level of toxicological effects, When handling the substance, adhere to safety rules: use personal protective equipment, observe hygiene, work with the substance in adequately ventilated rooms equipped with hoods.

    Packing gentian violet usually starts with 100 gram packs ... Transportation does not require special conditions, so any transport can be used during transportation. The shelf life of the substance from the date of manufacture is three years. For storage, you should choose places where access to sunlight and moisture is limited.

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