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    Ethyl alcohol is an effective agent for combating pathogens

    Ethyl alcohol is one of the most commonly used disinfectants, all due to its affordable price and a small list of contraindications.

    Ethyl alcohol: properties medicinal product

    Alcohol is included in the list of drugs with a disinfecting effect, it applied both externally and internally. The price of ethyl alcohol is quite affordable, because its main component is ethanol - a common monohydric alcohol.

    When applied externally, the substance has a disinfecting effect - it perfectly copes with the task of destroying various pathogens of different types, also ethyl alcohol , liquid which has an irritating effect, promotes the connection of protein elements.

    When it comes into contact with the mucous membranes and epidermis, ethyl alcohol has an intense astringent effect. When the substance is taken internally, it provokes strong excitement in the cerebral cortex and in the central nervous system. Ethyl alcohol weakens the functioning of the respiratory center, inhibits the work of the medulla oblongata and the spinal cord.

    Ethyl alcohol: composition of the drug

    The main active ingredient was ethanol in a dosage of 95.1% to 96.9%, and the auxiliary one was water that had passed the additional purification stage. The drug is available in the form of a liquid solution.

    Ethyl alcohol: use for medicinal purposes

    This the medicinal substance is used for warming compresses and also as a disinfectant. It is recommended to use it if urgent disinfection of external skin lesions is necessary in the early stages.

    Ethyl alcohol: description contraindications

    This drug is contraindicated for use in patients who are hypersensitive to this substance or have a tendency to develop an allergic reaction to ethanol. Also, its use as a disinfectant is contraindicated in the presence of acute inflammatory processes on the skin.

    С buy ethyl pirt not recommended for:

    · drug treatment of pulmonary edema;

    · elimination of intractable pain syndrome that accompanies myocardial infarction - ethanol is usually poorly tolerated by patients with such symptoms;

    · treatment of sudden strong psychomotor agitation .

    The simultaneous intake of nitrofurans with ethanol dramatically increases their level of toxicity to the body. The interaction of ethanol with drugs for diabetes can lead to the development of hypoglycemic coma.

    Ethyl alcohol to buy in Kiev is not worth it if you are taking acetylsalicylic acid - its combination with ethanol increases the likelihood of ulcers stomach, this component is also able to greatly reduce the effectiveness of thiamine. The interaction of ethanol with various sleeping pills can cause difficulty breathing. Intravenous administration of ethyl alcohol increases the neurotoxicity of antibiotics with antimicrobial effect.

    Use in pregnancy and lactation

    Ethyl alcohol should not be used in treatment pregnant and lactating women. If there is an urgent need to use it, lactation should be temporarily suspended.

    С ethyl pyrt : instructions for use

    For external exposure to the skin, the drug is applied using paper or cotton swabs. For compresses, ethyl alcohol is diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with purified water.

    Ethyl alcohol is a highly effective disinfectant; when applied externally, there is no risk of accidental overdose, only local irritation is possible skin or mucous membranes.

    Its uncontrolled use intravenously or orally is more dangerous, the substance can cause:

    Difficulty in breathing or its complete stop;

    laryngospasm and convulsions;

    deterioration of the functioning of the elements of the nervous system;

    absorption of vomit;

    · to whom - its symptoms are constriction of the pupils, decreased body temperature, tachycardia.

    Ethyl alcohol, the production of which is widespread in our country , can provoke an overdose. At the first symptoms of it, it is worth rinsing the stomach or self-induce vomiting, as well as taking enterosorbents.

    Storage conditions substances

    Wholesale ethyl alcohol is much more profitable to buy than retail, but it is worth remembering that it must be stored for a period of time,

    Unita barrel is 160 kg

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