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    L-proline is the secret to the health of your hair, nails and skin

    L-proline is an amino acid, which is found in almost all protein compounds in the body. It is vital for the synthesis of collagen - the main component necessary for building connective tissue.

    L -proline prolongs the youthfulness of the skin, maintains the health of cartilage, bones, joints, tendons, blood vessels. It is synthesized by the body from glutamic acid, but with an insufficient amount of it, this process slows down significantly. Its deficiency is especially characteristic for vegetarians and vegans, because this amino acid is found mainly in animal products.

    L- proline in cosmetology restores healthy color and improves tone. You can buy L- proline from us at the most favorable price and be 100% sure of its quality. It contains exclusively organic plant components.

    TasteWithout taste and smell
    Typeamino acid for sport

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