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    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing 3102309000

    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing
    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing
    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing
    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing
    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing
    Saltpetre is ammoniac norms of bringing
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    Ammonium nitrate

    One of the most commonly used fertilizers in agriculture is ammonium nitrate. It contains many nutrients that effectively stimulate plant growth. Due to its excellent hygroscopic characteristics, nitrate does not stay on the surface, but is quickly absorbed and improves the characteristics of the upper soil layer.

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    Ammonium nitrate: composition and main characteristics

    What is ammonium nitrate? Its formula is (NH4) (NO3), and the active ingredient is nitrogen. Saltpeter is an ammonium nitrate type of fertilizer; it looks like small white granules with a faint pinkish or yellowish tint.

    The main characteristics of ammonium nitrate:

    • in dry matter, the total proportion of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen does not exceed 34.5%;

    • mass fraction of water - no more than 0.3%;

    • the mass fraction of granules of 1-4 mm in size in the fertilizer is not less than 99%;

    • the content of nitrate granules of 2-4 mm is not less than 90%;

    • the content of granules less than 1 mm in size - no more than 1%;

    • the pH level of a 10% aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate does not exceed 6.1;

    • there is no residue on the sieves. 6 mm;

    • strength of ammonium nitrate granules not less than 8 (0.8) N / granule (kg / granule);

    • ammonia friability nitrate is not less than 100%.

    Where to buy ammonium nitrate - this question is asked by any farmer at the beginning of agricultural work. Why is she so popular? The secret of success is simple - affordable price, ease of use and high efficiency ensure a stable demand for fertilizers.

    Ammonium nitrate: application and cultivation features

    It can be used to increase the yield of any type crops, it is completely assimilated by them from the soil. But there is one limitation - ammonium nitrate is not recommended to be used for soil fertilization in areas where squash, cucumbers, watermelons, melons, zucchini grow due to the accumulation of nitrates in these crops. It is better to combine it with potash and phosphorus types of fertilizers.

    Most often, ammonium nitrate is used to increase the yield of cereals, namely wheat and rye in early spring. A big plus of using it is that saltpeter does not need long-term preparation before applying to the soil - it is not suitable for storage in a mixed form.

    The approximate consumption of ammonium nitrate per 1 hectare of land is from 3 centners, this figure can vary in depending on the type of soil and its level of fertility. If the soil only needs additional feeding, then the consumption of nitrate per 1 hectare is approximately 1-2 centners.

    If you are interested in how to add ammonium nitrate to the soil, then there are certain norms for different types agricultural crops:

    • winter wheat - in early autumn, fertilizer is applied in a dosage of 200-360 kg per hectare;

    • spring wheat - before sowing on 1 hectare of land is applied from 200 to 300 kg of ammonium nitrate;

    • winter rapeseed - in autumn the soil is fertilized with saltpeter at a dosage of 250-400 kg per 1 hectare;

    • spring rapeseed - before sowing, the soil should be fertilized at the rate of 350-400 kg of nitrate per 1 hectare;

    • vegetable crops - use nitrate at the rate of 150-250 kg of fertilizer per 1 hectare of soil.

    Ammonium nitrate - fertilizer which is also often used in horticulture. To fertilize non-fertile trees, ammonium nitrate is used in 2 ways. In undiluted form, 100-125 grams of fertilizer should be applied along the entire projection of the crown of pears or apple trees in proportion, the soil should certainly be watered after that. For cherries, plums and apricots, the dosage is slightly less - 60-70 grams. If you are interested in how to dilute ammonium nitrate, then it is enough to observe the proportions, 30 grams of substance per 10 liters of water.

    To fertilize fruiting apple trees or pears, it is worth adding 200-250 grams of nitrate along the entire projection of the crown, scattering it over the soil, followed by watering. For apricots, cherries and plums, you should use 120-140 grams of ammonium nitrate.

    To fertilize young, currants and gooseberries, you need to take 20-30 grams per 1 1 m / n row, for blackberries and the dosage of raspberries is more - 20-30 grams.

    To increase the yield of fruiting shrubs of gooseberries, currants by 1 m / n row, 40-60 grams of ammonium nitrate is needed, for raspberries and blackberries - 15-20 grams .

    How to breed ammonium nitrate to feed crops that germinate on depleted soil? To do this, its dosage for dilution in water is increased - instead of 30 g per 10 liters of water, it is worth taking 40 or 50 g.

    Recommendations for use

    Ammonia saltpeter, the properties of which make it possible to increase the yield of various agricultural crops in the shortest possible time, becomes dangerous to humans if its concentration in the air exceeds 10 mg / m3. If its granules get on the surface of the skin and begin to interact with water and sweat, a strong allergic reaction or dermatitis may occur.

    It is recommended to store ammonium nitrate in the most dry and well-ventilated rooms, which are completely protected from the effects of adverse weather conditions. On the street, it is permissible to store saltpeter for no more than six months exclusively in Big Bags. It is very easy to buy ammonium nitrate, but remember that it can be transported by any type of transport, except for air.

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal temperature of effective action40.0
    Nitrogen34.4 %
    Packinga fertilizer is cased in B/Ss of net 50 kg, мкр type of "биг-бэг" net 1000 ton
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    producer of fertilizerExactly Nitrogen, Cherkassy is Nitrogen
    saltpetre is ammoniaca country of origin is Ukraine
    Type of complex fertilizersaltpetre is ammoniac
    Type of fertilizerAmmoniac saltpetre
    Weight50 kg

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