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    Monokal'tsiyfosfat feed 2835260000

    Monokal'tsiyfosfat feed
    Monokal'tsiyfosfat feed
    Monokal'tsiyfosfat feed
    Monokal'tsiyfosfat feed
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    Feed Monocalcium Phosphate is used as a mineral supplement for all types of farm animals and birds. With feed supplemented with monocalcium phosphate, animals receive calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to the formation of solid bone tissue and skeleton, improve the functions of the animal's body, metabolism, the functioning of the nervous, immune and reproductive systems, and increase their productivity. Highly effective, environmentally friendly mineral supplements of this composition are especially recommended for feeding herbivores.

    It is also used for canning in the food industry,
    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Kindfeed монокальцийфосфат
    Packing25 kg
    Typefeed addition
    Type of complex fertilizerOrganic
    Weight25 g

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