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    Diammoniyfosfat in á/á 1000 kg (Russia, Ukraine) 3105209000

    Diammoniyfosfat in á/á 1000 kg (Russia, Ukraine)
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    Diammonium phosphate (ammonium hydrogen phosphate, diammophos) is a water-soluble salt formed by the interaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid. It is a white or gray granules, readily soluble in water. It is physiologically neutral, non-hygroscopic, non-dusty and non-caking.

    Diammonium phosphate is produced by neutralizing extraction phosphoric acid with ammonia.

    Melting point 155 ° C.

    Chemical formula: (NH4) 2HPO4

    Diammonium phosphate is a granular, universal, nitrate-free, highly concentrated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, which contains trace elements. The ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus 18:47 helps to increase the resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental factors (drought and frost), and also increases the resistance of plants to diseases. The high phosphorus content contributes to the accumulation of sugar in roots and fruits.

    Ammonium hydrogen phosphate Use of diammonium phosphate.

    • as a highly effective fertilizer (as in the production of complex fertilizers, and independently in the form of solutions: when feeding, in greenhouse vegetable growing and floriculture);

    • as feed additives when feeding livestock;

    • as a top dressing in the production of yeast (feed, alcohol, bakery, beer), medical biological products;
    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Type of complex fertilizerMineral
    Type of fertilizerAmmophos

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