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    Fertilizers are liquid nitric (KAS) (N = 28-32%) 3102800000

    Fertilizers are liquid nitric (KAS) (N = 28-32%)
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric (KAS) (N = 28-32%)
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric (KAS) (N = 28-32%)
    Fertilizers are liquid nitric (KAS) (N = 28-32%)
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    Urea - ammonium nitrate ( UAN) - an aqueous solution of carbamide and ammonium nitrate.

    Application: UAN contains amide nitrogen of carbamide and ammonium and nitrate nitrogen of ammonium nitrate. Nitrogen introduced into the soil is easily assimilated by plants, with the highest effect on them when there is a need for quick foliar feeding. UAN solutions can also be used for the preparation of double and ternary liquid fertilizer mixtures.

    Depending on the nitrogen content, which affects the crystallization temperature, and therefore, on the limits of application for climatic conditions, liquid fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers are produced three brands: KAS-28, KAS-30, / sup>, at 20 о
    1261 - 1288
    1285 - 1312
    1306 - 1337

    Crystallization temperature, o C not higher

    Packing and storage: Railroad and road tankers. Store in containers made of carbon or alloy steel with tightly closed hatches.

    Transportation: By rail and road in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods,

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal humidity50.0
    Maximal temperature of effective action50.0
    Maximal temperature of storage30.0 hail.
    Minimum temperature of effective action50.0 hail.
    Minimum temperature of storage50.0
    Nitrogen32.0 %
    Preparativnaya formSolution
    Type of fertilizerKAS-32
    Weight100 kg

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