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    Ammonia water : description, application and storage.

    Chemical excursion: general description of aqueous ammonia.

    Ammonia water 25% has many names and designations, both in official literature and in everyday life. It is called ammonia hydrate, ammonium hydroxide, hydrogen nitride, or ammonia water. Whatever designation you come across, they will all mean one thing - a liquid without color (sometimes with a slight shade of yellowness) and a pronounced smell of ammonia. It is a versatile nitrogen fertilizer with a wide range of uses and varied effects. Its formula NH < sub> 4 OH. It is easy to buy aqueous ammonia in Ukraine both for industrial and domestic needs.

    The use of aqueous ammonia:

    The versatility of ammonia outlines a very an impressive list of areas where ammonia aqueous solution is successfully introduced. Main spheres:





    household use.

    Since aqueous ammonia is the simplest and most effective nitrogen fertilizer, its use in various fields of farming irreplaceable. It is not washed out of the soil, even by heavy rains and snowfalls, staying in the ground for a long time. Therefore, ammonium hydroxide can be applied in the fall, 4-5 months before the start of field work. It increases the yield of potatoes and beets, most cereals, and vegetables. Since the price of water ammonia is quite low, its use is considered to be easy and quite effective. In addition, the smell of ammonia is unpleasant for many insects, so it is difficult to overestimate the importance of aqueous ammonia in gardening. By the way, many believe that it is impossible for them to overfeed the plants. Therefore, it is better for her to adhere to strict instructions and determine in advance how to dilute aqueous ammonia for different crops.

    In animal husbandry, ammonia water is used to pre-saturate feed with amino acids. Plant preparations are treated with nitrogen in advance. After, As the pungent smell of ammonia disappears, the food is served to ruminants.

    In medicine, ammonia 10% aqueous solution, commonly known as ammonia, is most often used. Its smell is highly irritating and increases heart rate and blood pressure. It has a strong antiseptic effect, therefore it is used for disinfection. May cause burns to internal organs if taken in large quantities without dilution. Hydrogen nitride is also known as a reagent for analysis and synthesis of a substance.

    The importance of aqueous ammonia for industry is difficult to overestimate. This is the production of soda, iron-based alloys and various dyes, including for cotton and silk. Ammonia hydrate is recognized as one of the best refrigerants for its thermodynamic properties, therefore they are widely used in various heating plants and complex systems. It is used for the manufacture of chemical polymers, explosives and nitrogen fertilizers, including the popular nitrate.

    During construction, aqueous ammonia protects steel and reinforced concrete from frost and corrosion.

    In everyday life, an aqueous solution of ammonia can be encountered almost everywhere. The smell of ammonia has a strong irritating effect, therefore it is used to remove from fainting. It is enough to put a couple of drops of liquid on a cotton swab or regular handkerchief and bring it to the nostrils. With insect bites, relieves swelling and discomfort. It neutralizes acid action, helps in removing stains from clothes, cleaning plumbing fixtures and crystal.

    Buying Aqueous Ammonia and Storage Rates

    Knowing the myriad benefits of ammonium hydroxide, you are probably thinking about purchasing it. It is quite easy to buy water ammonia in specialized agricultural stores or companies that sell chemical raw materials and equipment. For ammonia, you should go to a regular pharmacy. Please note that the price for technical water ammonia depends significantly on the required volume, since many suppliers offer significant discounts on bulk orders. Hydrogen nitride is an explosive substance. That is why storage rates are so important for aqueous ammonia. Use containers made of polyethylene or quartz. Large containers must be fueled with inert gas to avoid explosion. Crusts and rubber stoppers are not allowed.

    Remember that despite the availability and widespread use, aqueous ammonia is toxic and explosive, can cause burns to the skin and internal organs. Always take precautions during transportation, handling and storage.

    5 applications of aqueous ammonia: from the chemical industry to household needs

    What is aqueous ammonia? General description.

    Ammonia water 25% is a colorless liquid (occasionally has a yellowish tint) with a pungent smell of ammonia. There are many names in the literature and on the Internet: hydrogen nitride, ammonia hydrate, ammonium hydroxide, ammonia water, but they all share one formula - NH 4 OH. You can buy water ammonia without restrictions - from one liter to a large tank. Why such volumes are needed and where they are used will be described below. Be sure to read the material to the end, because it is equally important to know the water storage rate when buying ammonia. It is an explosive and highly toxic compound.

    Ammonia aqueous: application and undoubted benefits.

    Hydrogen nitride is really irreplaceable in many fields. It is actively used by various spheres of industry from cooking to chemical industries. Let's dwell on the 5 main ones.

    household use


    animal husbandry



    In everyday life, ammonia aqueous solution of 10%, better known as ammonia, is often used. It can help with chemical burns - it neutralizes the action of acid. Perfect for dyeing fabrics. It has long been used to remove sweat and grease stains. It is added to water when washing crystal and windows, cleaning plumbing fixtures and jewelry to add shine. Its pungent odor irritates the respiratory receptors, so it is used to relieve fainting. In case of an insect bite, it is enough to apply a bandage with a couple of drops of ammonia to relieve puffiness. Always follow safety measures and adhere to clear instructions on how to properly dilute aqueous ammonia, as in a concentrated form it can cause burns to the skin and esophagus if swallowed.

    A wide scope of application of aqueous ammonia is agriculture. It is widely recognized as an essential nitrogen fertilizer. Helps to increase yields of many grains and vegetables. It is noteworthy that ammonia hydrate is not washed out of the soil by rain, snow or melt water. Fertilizers are applied in the fall, long before the new sowing season. Ammonia water is also highly appreciated in gardening. It promotes soil mineralization and reduces the development of soil microorganisms. Along with nitrogen fertilizers, it is recommended to introduce organic matter.

    In animal husbandry, feed for ruminants is saturated with aqueous ammonia. Under the influence of nitrogen, corn, straw and molasses are enriched with amino acids. It should be remembered that hydrogen hydride has a pungent odor, so the treatment should be carried out in advance, leaving time for the ammonia odor to weather.

    In construction, aqueous ammonia is used as a special additive that protects steel and reinforced concrete from corrosion caused by temperature changes. Adding ammonium hydroxide to the mortar will help to avoid efflorescence.

    The largest application of aqueous ammonia is in industry. It is used to produce soda ash and acidity regulator E527. They are involved in dyeing various fabrics from durable cotton to the most delicate silk. The production of polymers and ferroalloys is not complete without ammonia water. Due to its special thermodynamic properties, ammonium hydroxide is one of the best refrigerants. It has been used in compression installations since the end of the 19th century. Fertilizers such as urea and saltpeter are made from ammonium hydroxide, which are suitable for all soils on the territory of Ukraine. Pure aqueous ammonia is used as a solvent and as a reagent for analyzes. It is the main component for many explosives.

    Purchase and storage. Precautions.

    Despite the fact that hydrogen nitride has a fourth hazard class, you can purchase it without restrictions. For household needs, a weak solution is quite suitable - ammonia, which is sold in pharmacies. For agriculture, construction or production, ammonia water can be bought in Ukraine in specialized stores.

    Many suppliers offer discounts on large volumes and delivery throughout the country. Therefore, the price for technical water ammonia does not depend on the region, but, mainly from its quantity. Strict precautions are imperative during transport and storage. Use only quartz or polyethylene containers, as these materials do not react chemically with ammonium hydroxide.

    When storing large amounts of material, care must be taken to install special sensors that measure the concentration of vapors in the air. Hydrogen nitride is highly toxic and explosive, so when buying, pay attention to the supplier's compliance with all delivery rules and container compliance. When using aqueous ammonia, the price should not exceed safety rules.

    The advantages of buying ammonia water from our company:

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    Packingtank-car delivery on Ukraine, large autopark
    Preparativnaya formSolution
    Type of fertilizerAm³achna water

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