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    Azopretsipitat of brand of «A» (N:P = 26%:13%) 3102509000

    Azopretsipitat of brand of «A» (N:P = 26%:13%)
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    Azoprecipitate is a complex mineral fertilizer containing two main nutrients - nitrogen and phosphorus.

    Azoprecipitate is applicable on all types of soils, with the most effective on acidic soils. Phosphorus contained in azo precipitate in the soil completely transforms into a form assimilable by plants.

    A universal high-quality mineral fertilizer azo precipitate contains phosphorus and nitrogen.

    The presented agent is recommended for fertilizing acidic soils.

    It can also be used on other surfaces with different ph levels.

    Phosphorus, which is the main constituent of azo precipitate, is fully absorbed by fertilized plants. It is recommended to feed the soil in the spring and autumn during plowing.

    It is also worth adding azo precipitate as a nutrient throughout the growing season.

    By to the effect on the human body, the substance has a 3rd class of safety.

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    Type of complex fertilizerMineral

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