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    demonstrates excellent results in the fight against pathogenic microorganisms;

    favorable cost, unlike other synthetic chemicals.

    Only 30-50 ml of 5% solution are dangerous for humans, therefore, when working with copper sulfate, you should follow all the manufacturer's recommendations.

    Copper sulfate: introduction into the soil and the benefits of its effects

    This product, which contains components with a fungicidal effect, has long proven itself to be an excellent tool for preventing the development of diseases in plants. It is especially recommended to use it to process:


    apples and pears;


    stone fruit garden crops;


    roses - a solution of this substance copes well with powdery mildew, rust and black spot.

    If you are interested in where to buy copper sulfate profitably and online, then you can do it with us. It is best to spray them with a solution in early spring and late autumn. If the trees in the garden are less than 6 years old, then no more than 2 liters of the ready-made solution should be used for one seedling. For their processing, it is worth choosing a time when direct sunlight can no longer provoke burns on the leaves.

    Ideally, the weather should be calm, and the air temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. It is also undesirable to carry out processing before rain, after all, the substance does not penetrate deep into the plants, but remains on their surface. During processing, there should be no bystanders around, and also make sure that the chemical solution does not get into the water used for drinking, washing or cooking when watering or spraying.

    Copper sulfate : application in garden care

    In this area, 3 types of vitriol solutions are used:

    The so-called feeding or prophylactic - its concentration is from 2 to 3 %. It effectively fertilizes and nourishes the soil, and also prevents fungal and bacterial infections in the soil. They should fertilize the soil with a copper deficiency in plants.

    Therapeutic - the content of the active substance in a solution of copper sulfate and water is 0.5-1%. Such a composition does an excellent job of treating and preventing the appearance of diseases and parasites on plants. It can be used to treat damaged parts of bushes and trees to speed up the process of their recovery.

    Burning out - this solution contains from 3 to 5% copper sulfate. Such a solution has a very strong toxic effect, therefore, it is necessary to resort to its use only when absolutely necessary. Does copper sulfate provide wood protection? Most often it is used precisely for burning out mold and fungi on it, as well as for disinfecting the soil. After such treatment, it should be left alone for at least 1 year.

    In late autumn, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatment of the area with a gentle vitriol solution. During flowering and fruiting, this is strictly prohibited. Also, with the help of copper sulfate, it is allowed to disinfect seedlings. To this end, it is worth preparing a weak solution of the substance and immersing the roots of the seedlings in it for 3 minutes, and then rinsing them well under water.

    Copper sulfate: application in autumn and other seasons

    In early spring, it is worth treating the garden and vegetable garden with vitriol. When the air temperature exceeds 5 degrees, the soil should be treated with a 0.5% solution. This will help destroy all pathogenic microorganisms living in it.

    Before leaves appear on shrubs and fruit trees, they should be treated with a 1% solution of this substance.

    I'm worried about the question of whether you need copper sulfate, where to get it at a low price? The answer is on the pages of our online store.

    A simple way to get rid of late blight is to sprinkle potato tubers before planting them in the soil with a 0.2% aqueous mixture of copper sulfate. Soaking the seeds in its warm 0.2% solution will provide early shoots of different types of crops. Cucumbers should be soaked in it from 8 to 10 hours, other crops - from 20 to 24 hours.

    If you are not sure that the previously purchased seed is 100% healthy, you can pickle seeds of pumpkin crops and tomatoes in a special solution. To do this, you need to take 2 g of boric acid, 1 g of vitriol and 10 g of potassium permanganate - these components should be mixed in 10 liters of warm water. The seeds should be held in it for 15 minutes, and then rinsed intensively under running water.

    During the summer, it is recommended to carry out such treatment of crops with copper sulfate, as:

    Spraying trees and shrubs with a solution containing 0.5-1% copper sulfate.

    Treatment of damage to shrubs and fruit trees with a 0.5-1% solution.

    Copper sulfate in the garden: features of its effect

    At this time of the year, such solutions are mostly used only for prevention. The main reason for this is that after the end of leaf fall, the treatment of trees and shrubs with copper sulfate is more effective and gentle in its effect. When processing the garden in the fall, the possibility of the formation of chemical burns from this solution on fruits, leaves and flowers is excluded.

    In autumn, treatment with copper sulfate is not so necessary as in summer, when the need for crops in copper as a trace element and an agent for protecting against fungi is the greatest. It is necessary to protect plants just before the beginning of the growing season, then the effect of such treatment will be the greatest.

    Most plants are sprayed in autumn with a weak solution of copper sulfate. As for roses, it is fashionable to protect them from the appearance of powdery mildew and black spot with a 0.5% solution.

    Does copper sulfate kill fungus? Remember that copper sulfate is a contact fungicide; it does not accumulate inside the plant, but remains only on its surface and protects it from any fungi and microorganisms. That is why it cannot be used during the ripening of fruits and vegetables, as well as before precipitation should fall, which will wash away the particles of copper sulfate.

    When treating trees with this substance, it is important to observe the concentration of the solution, which will not exceed 1-3%. Otherwise, the use of copper sulfate will lead to severe burns of branches and tree trunks.

    Copper sulfate: how to dilute the solution at home?

    The first thing what you need to do is choose the right container for preparing the solution. Metal containers are not suitable for this purpose - copper and iron instantly enter into a strong chemical reaction. It is better to take enameled or glass containers with thick walls.

    If you are concerned about the preparation of a solution of copper sulfate, the consumption rate of which per 1 tree ranges from 2 to 10 liters, then know that copper sulfate crystals are better do not dissolve in cold, but in warm water. In the process of mixing the substance with water, be sure to use thick rubber gloves and a respirator to avoid poisoning with toxic fumes of the finished solution. They also need to be worn during the procedure for spraying bushes and trees, since particles of the substance, when in contact with the skin or mucous membranes, can cause severe irritation. The prepared liquid should be used within 10 hours, after the expiration of this juice, it loses its antibacterial and fungicidal properties.

    As for the selection of the solution concentration, it depends on the presence of fungus on the plants and signs of other diseases , as well as on the degree of their defeat. If you want to treat the garden and vegetable garden for prevention, then it is worth preparing a 0.5-1% solution. If the lesion is strong, then it is worth making the solution more intense.

    What's interesting: the more water you add to the solution, the more saturated its color will be, and not vice versa. When processing young trees and bushes for 1 tree, you need to use up to 2 liters of solution, if their age exceeds 6 years - up to 10 liters.

    Copper sulfate: how to make a Bordeaux mixture

    If you add fresh lime to this solution, you end up with a Bordeaux mixture. It is a more effective remedy due to the fact that lime enhances the fungicidal effect of copper sulfate.

    You can purchase it in special stores, or prepare it yourself. To do this, you need 100 g of copper sulfate, water and lime. As a result, you will get a 1% mixture with which you can spray and water trees, shrubs and garden crops. To obtain a more intense solution, you need to take 3 times more active substance in exactly the same amount of water.

    Bordeaux mixture is prepared as follows:

    if you copper sulfate is dissolved in water, then another 4 liters of water is added there;


    in another container, lime is diluted with 5 liters of water;

    vitriol is slowly poured into lime - only in that order, and not vice versa;

    The ready-made Bordeaux mixture is filtered through a fabric filter and poured into the tank for further spraying.

    Before spraying with the Bordeaux mixture, all parts damaged by the disease should be removed from the plants, as well as foliage that has fallen around and burned her. This way you can prevent future contamination of plants with this disease.

    Copper sulfate: fight against mold

    In private greenhouses, the use of this substance is limited for the following reasons:

    the lack of its free movement in the soil and wastewater - this can lead to the appearance in the soil of an excessive concentration of sulfur and copper;

    frequent use of the chemical leads to an increase in soil acidity.

    But its use in greenhouses is based on the effectiveness of the use of copper sulfate in the fight against mold fungi. In this case, this substance is not used as a solution, but as a dry mixture. To do this, it is mixed with ash and the finished composition is sprinkled on the affected areas.

    Also, the use of this substance is justified in the construction of a greenhouse. Its beneficial properties allow you to protect the wooden parts of the greenhouse from damage by fungus and mold.

    In our store you have the opportunity to buy copper sulfate in Ukraine at a bargain price and arrange the delivery of goods without leaving your home.

    How to breed copper sulfate for processing trees? copper sulfate instruction:

    Type of culture Effective against which diseases Optimal proportions General consumption of the treatment solution
    Apple, pear, quince Scab, various pathological spots, Here you can carry out a complex purchase of goods, both for production and for subsequent sale. Here you can not only purchase products, but also get advice on the technological application of the purchased raw materials, receive guidelines and other information.

    Maximal humidity50
    Maximal temperature of storage100 hail.
    Minimum humidity50
    Minimum temperature of storage100
    Preparativnaya formcrystalline
    Type of fertilizerBlue vitriol

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