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    Superagro ціни від виробника 3105201000

    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
    Superagro ціни від виробника
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    Dodatkov's growing up of the soil with mineral speech and a set of microcomponents significantly increases the vigor of any kind of agricultural cultures. The efficiency of the vitraine for goodness should not lie in the middle because the type of goodness is chosen correctly - it is optimal to use complex, rich-component goodness, such as super-agro. Friend, the name of the dobriva - nіtroamofoski - has not been extended.

    The specialties of the dobriva superagro

    To be classified as highly effective, Mineral kind. Yogo granules can be stored in a folding chemical warehouse - the process of supplying nitrogen, phosphorus components, calories and a set of microelements in the small parts of the ammonium form. The production cycle is transferred to the technological process, before an hour is taken into account the reactions of the interaction of phosphoric nitric acids, ammonium salts. Calcium sulphate and potassium chloride are used as the necessary components to ensure the effectiveness of the reaction. It is good not to be angry before the hour of zberigannya. Vono safe in pozhezhnoe vіdnoshennі, not toxic and not vibuho-safe. The size of the granules is high, 90% of the granules are close to 4 mm in size. The main thing is the superagro price, which is not very high for a high-quality component good.

    Why should you get a superagro ?

    The bagatocomponent warehouse is kind and allows the vicarists to be able to handle any type of soil and the natural balance of microcomponents that are necessary for fast growth and proper development of the roslin. Before storing, it is necessary to select the type of runtu, to vivify the natural production of salts and minerals, to provide the most suitable super-agro warehouse.


    • Nitrogen, this is the most common place to deposit in the form of goodness. Proceed from the living space to the outside warehouse, in the name of the good price - the first two digits of the lettering index. Vikoristan is a mono form of nitrogen.

    • The phosphoric component in that viglyadі, In each case, it is most effective to acquire it with roslin. Particularly important is the presence of sufficient phosphorus in the soil during the vegetation period - the phosphorus itself is added to the phosphorus efficiently when the roslin is absorbed into carbon dioxide and chlorophyll is approved. On the top of the list of phosphorus in the sum of super agro, I will add a couple of numbers in the name.

    • Kaliy is necessary for the quality of a natural catalyst during the period of intensive growth of the growth. I will ensure the correct interruption of the exchange processes, so that I can answer for the splitting of bills and for the time being, for the clerk of the roslin amiaku. When there is a lack of calories, there is an increase in the number of diseases of agricultural crops. The name has a third pair of digits, which shows how much money is spent in goodness.

    • The cigar to enter the warehouse is a component that is necessary for the balance of conversations, as it seems to be due to interruptions in natural processes. When introduced to the soil, the growth is good in quality, the strength of the roselin to the sudden changes in temperature grows, it is good to endure the growth of the culture. addition to the basic formula dobriva boron and manganese, zinc salts and gold, molybdenum and molybdenum.

    • A part of the small houses, so called ballast words, in the eyes of salts with lead and cadmium in a round in the smallest spіvіdnoshennі: hundreds and thousands of parts of a lot.

    Peculiarities of storing

    Superagro is kind, but not indispensable for pidzhivennya Ground before sowing, and for pre-seasoning of roslin with microcomponents before an hour of vegetation. Victory of the mechanized method of introducing goodness to the runtu dvischu the economical assistance of the yogi victorian.

    The most effective way is for the clay type of soil.

    Light runts, which are stored in the main clay and sand, in which the mass part is larger, it is recommended to choose super-agro hinges. Such runts in a whole hour are most efficient before the introduction of microcomponents.

    It is natural, so that for the growth of uncropped runts it is good to know better.

    As a basis for the establishment of tukosumіshey stasosuvannya superagro more nіzh visually - an additional ready-made set of components with words that are necessary for the selected type of runt, and lower the finances, add more vitamins for the purchase. The soil will be cleaned of an individual set of minerals and microcomponents necessary for the normal development of agricultural crops.

    In the main type of living, superagro is stagnant for:

  • cereals;

  • Specifications
    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of complex fertilizerMineral
    Type of fertilizerNitroammofoska

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