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    Magnesium сернокислый 2833210000

    Magnesium сернокислый
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    Magnesium sulfate is free-flowing powder, consisting of colorless crystals, and depending on the brand has a color of white or light gray.

    Magnesium sulfate is a salt, chemical formula MgSO4, soluble in water, fire and explosion proof. Magnesium sulfate is widely used in various industries.

    In the chemical industry it is used in the technological processes of obtaining H2SO4 and MgO, in the production of synthetic detergents.

    In agriculture magnesium sulfate is used as soil fertilizer for agricultural crops.

    In the textile industry magnesium sulfate is used in technological processes for processing fabrics. In medicine as a sedative and antispasmodic.

    In the pharmaceutical industry magnesium sulfate is used in antibiotic manufacturing processes.

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Packing25 kg sack
    Type of complex fertilizerMagnesium сернокислый
    Weight25 g

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