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    Zinc oxide those top grade 2817000000

    Zinc oxide those top grade
    Zinc oxide those top grade
    Zinc oxide those top grade
    Zinc oxide those top grade
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    Zinc oxide (zinc oxide ) ZnO is a colorless crystalline powder, insoluble in water, yellowing when heated and sublimated at 1800 ° C.

    Used as an activator for vulcanization of some rubbers, vulcanizing agent for chloroprene rubbers, catalyst for methanol synthesis, white pigment in the production of paints and enamels (currently (2007) has been replaced by the non-toxic titanium dioxide TiO2).

    In the production of glass and paints based on liquid glass.

    It is used as one of the components of the rust converter, as a filler and pigment in the production of: rubber, plastics, paper.

    In medicine, it is used in the form of powders and in ointments as an antiseptic. It is used as an additive to animal feed.

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