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    Vitamin of Å 50% 2936280000

    Vitamin of Å 50%
    Vitamin of Å 50%
    Vitamin of Å 50%
    Vitamin of Å 50%
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    • The country of manufacture: Швейцария
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    Arsenic ≤3 mg / kg corresponds

    Granulometric composition Min. 90% through a 20 micron sieve 100.0%


    Vitamins participate in a variety of biochemical reactions, performing a catalytic function in the active centers of a large number of various enzymes or acting as information regulatory intermediaries, performing signaling functions of exogenous prohormones and hormones.

    They are not a supplier of energy for the body and do not have significant plastic value. However, vitamins play a vital role in metabolism.

    CompositionVitamin of Å 50%

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