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    Kamed' of ксантана is food 3913900090

    Kamed' of ксантана is food
    Kamed' of ксантана is food
    Kamed' of ксантана is food
    Kamed' of ксантана is food
    Kamed' of ксантана is food
    Kamed' of ксантана is food
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    Main properties and scope xanthan gum

    Stabilizer xanthan gum - belongs to the group of stabilizers that are synthesized by fermentation of the bacterium strain Xanthomonas campestris.

    Xanthan gum: properties

    The chemical substance is produced by aerobic fermentation of a nitrogen source in a concentrated aqueous solution of carbohydrates. Subsequently, the chemical medium undergoes a pasteurization process, and is also purified by microfiltration or precipitated with alcohol.

    Wholesale xanthan gum is a great option for a healthy, natural thickener. Xanthan solution is highly resistant to alkalis, enzymes, surfactants, alcohols, as well as various acids (with the exception of hydrochloric acid). It retains its original properties even when exposed to high (up to 120oС) and low (-18oС) temperatures.

    You will surely have a question - how to use xanthan gum for the production of different types of products? Remember that all the main chemical properties of xanthan can be corrected depending on changes in the conditions of life of bacteria during fermentation.

    The chain of this polymer is absolutely identical to the cellulose molecule. Xanthan gum has viscosity and pseudoplasticity values ​​ranging from 2 to 12. Thanks to these properties, the substance prolongs the shelf life of food and cosmetics, gives it an excellent thick texture.

    Xanthan gum in cosmetics and food industry

    You definitely saw her on food packaging called E415. This substance is often used as a gelling agent, thickener and stabilizer, it is necessary to:

    increase elasticity, viscosity;

    impart plasticity and uniformity to the consistency;

    reducing product moisture loss during heat treatment, further storage and transportation.

    It is worth buying xanthan gum for bakery enterprises - the E415 food additive is often added to the dough when there is a lack of gluten in the flour. Thanks to it, the dough will become more viscous and sticky, it will keep its shape better. Adding it to various salad dressings and mayonnaises improves the binding of fat emulsions and artificial egg yolks.

    The stabilizer xanthan gum has one significant advantage - it significantly increases the viscosity of products with minimal addition (it is not necessary more than 1% of the total mass of the product). That is why the substance is economically consumed while demonstrating consistently high efficiency.

    The additive is often found in cosmetic products - conditioner balms, shampoos, lotions, face creams, toothpastes. The price for xanthan gum is quite affordable. Its main advantage is the possibility of using it for the production of natural and vegan cosmetics - it does not contain compounds of synthetic or animal origin.

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