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    Karraginan E407, E407a 1302390000

    Karraginan E407, E407a
    Karraginan E407, E407a
    Karraginan E407, E407a
    Karraginan E407, E407a
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    Available food carrageenan E407, E407a kappa and iota (iota), peeled and semi-peeled, KB120L, KB120E,

    bags 25 kg

    Carrageenan is a food additive of natural origin

    First encountered on food packaging with the term "carrageenan" - what do you not know? Then you should familiarize yourself with the features of the supplement. This stabilizer is often included in baby, medical and dietary food products due to its ability to improve consistency and increase the viscosity of finished products. We have the most favorable price for carrageenan for 1 kg - appreciate the very advantages of cooperation with us!

    Carrageenan is a stabilizer with excellent gelling properties

    By its chemical the characteristics of the component is a linear polymer. What is carrageenan made of? It is extracted from sea red algae by exposure to reagents. Then the substance is purified from impurities of natural origin by extraction. Thanks to this, it has an incredible ability to swell in water and gelatinize any masses.

    The substance itself looks like granules of various shapes, they are both completely transparent and light brown. Carrageenan is odorless and tasteless, it dissolves well in water.

    Carrageenan is often used in the manufacture of dairy, meat, fish products, desserts and bakery products. You can find it on the packaging under the abbreviation E407. The properties of this additive increase the shelf life of products and allow them to retain their original consistency longer.

    Carrageenan and its use in industry

    In the food industry, it is used in as a stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier. The use of a thickener carrageenan can significantly increase the finished mass of different types of sausages and meat products, and reduce their cost.

    Carrageenan E407 is also used in the process of thickening and gelation of whipped cream, confectionery mixtures based on milk, chocolate and cottage cheese, as well as ice cream.

    Packing25 kg sack

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