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    Wheat gluten
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    Wheat gluten is environmentally friendly product

    Wheat gluten is a natural complex of protein groups insoluble in water and salt solutions, isolated as an independent fraction by the method of separation followed by grinding and drying the product in a way that preserves the natural properties of the protein as much as possible.

    Dry wheat gluten was first used for flour fortification in England, just about half a century ago. Nowadays, gluten is widely used in bakery, meat processing and other areas of food processing all over the world. In modern Europe, more than 50% of flour passes " The second reason for the widespread use of gluten is the general lack of protein necessary for a person, therefore, alternative ways of enriching traditional products - sources of vegetable protein - are a priority in scientific developments in the food industry.

    Wheat gluten production. Wheat grains are cleaned of impurities and soaked. Then the grains are crushed, a whole core is isolated from them. The whole wheat kernel is fed to a finer crushing process, which releases all bound starch. The resulting mass from starch and wheat protein is separated in centrifugal separators. This is followed by the operation of protein concentration. Then the wheat gluten is dried and packaged.

    The efficiency of wheat gluten (gluten).

    In the EU countries, it is considered appropriate to add to flour of European wheat varieties (the average content of dry protein in it is about 10%) from 1 to 3% of dry wheat gluten. At the same time, the physical and rheological properties of the dough and the quality of the final product are improved, which correspond to the quality of products prepared from wheat varieties with a protein content of 16-17%. Gluten allows you to create a stable structure of the dough, control its extensibility, increase the gas-holding capacity, improve the structural and mechanical characteristics of the dough and, therefore, the quality of the final product.

    Adding wheat gluten will allow:

    • stabilize flour quality and receive flour with predetermined qualities
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    CompositionWheat gluten
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