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    Salt is a proof-reader of acidity of milk 2501009110

    Salt is a proof-reader of acidity of milk
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    Among our offer of salts- melters, we can distinguish a complex stabilizing mixture E450 - a mixture of salts with a high pH value, which allows you to obtain good production results with minimal filling. E450 - is capable of influencing such important processes as binding of Ca², emulsification of fat, regulation of pH acidity, formation of the structure of processed cheese, as well as its stability during storage.

    In addition to acidifying salts for production of processed cheese, we have developed a number of complex stabilizing, filling and emulsifying mixtures for the production of many types of dairy products. These preparations are based on guar gum, tara gums, locust bean gums, xanthan gum, kmts (carboxymethyl cellulose), carrageenans, emulsifiers, acidity regulators and other components. They are very widely used in the food industry, and since the components of the mixtures mutually reinforce (due to the synergistic effect), a good production and economic effect is obtained.

    CompositionSalt is a proof-reader of acidity of milk

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