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    Polyethylene of LP (PND) (TO HIGH CLOSENESS) - HDPE 3901209000

    Polyethylene of LP (PND)  (TO HIGH CLOSENESS) - HDPE
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    Polyethylene of LP (PND) (TO HIGH CLOSENESS) - HDPE Bulk prices
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    Low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE ) or high density (PVP) - crystalline flexible-chain thermoplastic polymer, a rigid product with a density of more than 0.941 g / cm3. HDPE is made in three ways: suspension, solution and gas phase. Low pressure polyethylene is characterized by high tensile strength. HDPE is tougher and simpler than LDPE, but less transparent. High density polyethylene is resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, oils and greases. Relatively resistant to water and steam.

    PVP is used for the manufacture of canisters and various containers for solvents, waste containers. Bags made of this material can hold up to twenty kg. Here you can carry out a complex purchase of goods, both for production and for subsequent sale. You can not only purchase products from us, but also get advice on the technological application of the purchased raw materials, receive guidelines and other information.

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