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    Polivinilkhlorid of Polanvil S-70 3904100000

    Polivinilkhlorid of Polanvil S-70
    Polivinilkhlorid of Polanvil S-70
    Polivinilkhlorid of Polanvil S-70
    Polivinilkhlorid of Polanvil S-70
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    Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) refers to thermoplastic synthetic materials. Depending on the polymerization conditions, products of various degrees of polymerization with different physicochemical properties are formed.

    PVC-based materials are produced in two types:

    • with the use of a plasticizer (plasticized PVC);
    • ;
    • without the use of a plasticizer (not plasticized PVC).

    Other designations:

    • FPVC, PVC-F, PVC-P (plasticized);

    • RPVC, PVC-R, PVC-U (unplasticized).

    In appearance, commercial PVC is a white powder, tasteless and odorless. PVC is strong enough and has good dielectric properties. The chemical formula of PVC is (-CH2-CHCl-) n, where n is the degree of polymerization.

    PVC is insoluble in water, resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils, swells and dissolves in ethers, ketones, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. PVC is compatible with many plasticizers (for example, phthalates, sebacates, phosphates), resistant to oxidation and practically non-flammable. Polyvinyl chloride has a low heat resistance, when heated above 100 ?С, it decomposes noticeably with the release of HCL. To increase the heat resistance and improve the solubility, PVC is subjected to chlorination.

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    Type of полівінілхлоридуPolivinilkhlorid of Polanvil S-70

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