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    A calcium фосфорнокислый 2-substituted for CHDA 2835260000

    A calcium фосфорнокислый 2-substituted for CHDA
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    Calcium phosphate 3-substituted - acidity regulator, additive that prevents caking and clumping.

    Also used as a separator, humectant, stabilizer, emulsifying salt, clarifier, color fixer, antioxidant synergist, sealant (plant tissue), carrier ... White powder, odorless and tasteless, stable in air. It dissolves well in dilute hydrochloric and nitric acids; bad sol. in water; immoral. in ethanol.

    In the production of processed cheese, it is used, along with other phosphates, as a melting salt. It is also used as an anti-caking agent for powdered milk and cream, condensed milk anti-crystallizer, etc.

    It is used in the sugar industry to clarify sugar syrups; as an anti-caking agent and separator for granulated sugar and cocoa products, as a plant tissue sealant in the production of canned fruit and vegetables. It is added to some special grades of pectins for calcium standardization.

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    CompositionA calcium фосфорнокислый

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