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    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank 2809200000

    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank
    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank
    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank
    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank
    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank
    Ortofosfornaya acid 75% - 17 kg tank
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    • Packaging: Канистра
    • SKU: 1206339820
    • ТН ВЭД: 2809200000
    • The country of manufacture: Китай
    • vendor code: 1830
    • Status: предоплата

    Orthophosphoric acid, technical: sphere Application

    Technical orthophosphoric acid, corresponding to the HS code 2809200000, has a wide range of applications. Its versatility is due to its low price, unique chemical and physical properties. The price of technical orthophosphoric acid directly depends on the quantity of the ordered product. For wholesale clients, our company provides significant discounts. Due to the presence of a warehouse and a vehicle fleet, the acid packaged in 17-kg containers is delivered as soon as possible.

    The substance has a shelf life of 0.5 years, is used to remove rust, polishing metal surfaces, preventing corrosion. It is used as a flux in the process of brazing oxidized copper, ferrous metals, stainless steel. The acid is part of the phosphated coating, which increases wear resistance, increases hardness and electrical insulating properties.

    The use of technical orthophosphoric acid in the chemical industry makes it possible to produce high-quality mineral phosphoric and complex fertilizers, which will be the key to a good harvest ... It is also used as a component of synthetic cleaning agents, detergents and emollients, refractory binders for impregnating wood, fabrics, making paints, varnishes, enamels.

    It is used as a food additive E338 to stabilize the acidity and color of sweet carbonated drinks, sausages, meat, flour products, cheeses, sugar, sweets, spices.

    Areas of application are the aviation industry, the oil industry, animal husbandry, medicine , microbiological research.

    The quality of the products is directly dependent on the raw materials used. You can buy technical orthophosphoric acid GOST 6552-80 by contacting us by phone or by sending a request on the website.

    Packing Unit rev.
    17 kg
    CompositionOrthophosphoric acid 75%

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