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    Geksametafosfat of sodium of E-452 2835390000

    Geksametafosfat of sodium of E-452
    Geksametafosfat of sodium of E-452
    Geksametafosfat of sodium of E-452
    Geksametafosfat of sodium of E-452
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    We offer an effective readily soluble polyphosphate - sodium hexametaphosphate (Na hexafasfate, Sodium polyphosphate, Sodium Polyphosphate, E 452)

    The peculiarity of the phosphates we offer (in this case, sodium polyphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate) is their very good solubility, which qualitatively distinguishes them compared to other similar products on the phosphate market! Upon contact with water and slight stirring, our products instantly dissolve, and accordingly begin to work. The second positive is the absence of caking and lumpiness of phosphates, which allows them to be successfully used by enterprises in all areas of food production !!!

    It is more effective to use hexaphosphate in a complex mixture together with other phosphates. (You can familiarize yourself with the options for such mixtures on our website, or by calling us).

    All our products are packed in multilayer paper bags with a polypropylene liner of 25 kg.

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