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    Sodium an alginate is cosmetic 3913100000

    Sodium an alginate is cosmetic
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    Sodium alginate (sodium alginate) - an effective thickener, which, in the presence of calcium ions, can form elastic, thermally irreversible gels in a cold way.

    All preparations and pure sodium alginate dissolve relatively well in water, do not cake ... on contact with water they give a thick mass, which after a while becomes a gel of the "jelly" type. These properties are very convenient in those cases when you need to be sure that the raw materials prepared on this preparation will not release moisture, but will reliably retain it. Thanks to these properties, sodium alginate has found a wide range of its use not only in the food industry but also in the chemical, pharmacological direction, in the production of creams, paints and varnishes, in dentistry, etc.

    All our products are packed in 25kg multilayer paper bags with a polypropylene liner.


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