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    Acetylenogen of FORTISCHEM and. s. «Novacke chemicke zavody» A.S. Slovakia 2849100000

    Acetylenogen of FORTISCHEM and. s.  «Novacke chemicke zavody» A.S.  Slovakia
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    Acetylenogen of FORTISCHEM and. s. «Novacke chemicke zavody» A.S. Slovakia Bulk prices
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    FORTISCHEM as calcium carbide “ Novacke chemicke zavody »AS (Slovakia) 100 kg euro barrel;


    calcium carbide novatsky chemical plant

    100 kg drums

    Calcium carbide: properties and application features

    Calcium carbide - a compound of calcium with carbon, in its pure form has a white color and crystalline form. The formula looks like this: CaC2. Substance for technical purposes in the form of solid crystals, colored gray or brown. Carbonaceous calcium, as it is also called, is characterized by increased moisture absorption, even in the cold. The substance is capable of decomposition when exposed to atmospheric moisture.

    You can buy calcium crabide in our online store. We work directly with manufacturers, so all products are accompanied by quality certificates. The cost of the goods depends on the volume of the batch, but it is always economically beneficial for buyers.


    The use of calcium carbide is not limited to one industry and is widely used in various industrial processes. For example, it is used to produce styrene, alcohol, artificial resin, rubber, nitrous lime, carbon black. Carbonaceous calcium is a component of various fertilizers and plant growth regulators.

    Storage and transportation rules

    Calcium carbide Must be stored and transported in sealed steel containers with high capacity. The reagent cannot be transported by air - only by covered land and water. It is allowed to use an open way of transportation by road with the obligatory covering of containers with thick canvas.

    Storage of the reagent in open rooms should be organized with the obligatory use of sheds. For storage in closed spaces, it is necessary to choose warehouses and barns with low humidity, well-ventilated, where fire safety standards are observed. It is necessary to store the substance in an upright position, it is allowed to place containers with calcium carbide in several tiers, no more than 3. Manufacturers often set a guaranteed shelf life of no more than six months from the date of production.

    Since for the production of carbonaceous calcium it is necessary to ensure a sufficiently high temperature regime, it practically does not occur in the natural environment. The operating temperature of the furnaces reaches 2000 degrees Celsius.

    Calcium carbide is more often used in the production of combustible gas. In addition, it is used for the extraction of the calcium salt of cyanic acid amide, which is subsequently used to create highly efficient plant fertilizers. Acetylene is also a maturation hormone stimulant. This is convenient when transporting fruits and vegetables, which are picked and transported not yet ripe. Calcium carbide , which is placed next to fruits, reacts with the atmosphere, releasing acetylene, it allows fruits and vegetables to ripen faster when plucked.

    In our warehouses online store is always available calcium carbide, which can be purchased at competitive prices, regardless of the batch size. Place an order through the website or contact the manager by phone.

    Faction, мм50×80
    Maximal output of acetylene350 ë/êã
    Minimum output of acetylene300 ë/êã
    Packing weight100.0

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