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    Sodium is nitric acid food
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    sodium nitrate food

    25 kg

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    • < SODIUM NITRATE (SODIUM NITRIC, SODIUM NITRATE) is a white crystalline solid, sometimes with a grayish or yellowish tint. It is readily soluble in water (lighter than potassium nitrate). Strong oxidizing agent. It occurs naturally in the form of the Chilean nitrate mineral (nitronatrite). Crude nitrate is a reddish dirty mass that undergoes recrystallization to obtain a pure product. Pure saltpeter forms colorless brilliant rhombohedral crystals and is highly hygroscopic. Density 2.257 g / cm?. Melting point - 308 В° C, boiling point (decomposes) - 380 В° C.

      Chemical formula: NaNO3 Obtained from natural deposits by leaching with hot water and crystallization; absorption of nitrogen oxides by a solution of soda; exchange decomposition of calcium or ammonium nitrate with sulfate, chloride or sodium carbonate. Recently, they have been prepared synthetically from air nitrogen or from synthetic ammonia. The use of sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate). Agriculture. Sodium saltpeter is a nitrogen fertilizer containing 16% nitrogen in a nitrate form.

      It is used on all types of soils for potatoes, table and sugar beets, vegetables, fruit and berry and ornamental plantings. Sodium nitrate is a physiologically alkaline fertilizer that slightly alkalizes the soil, therefore it works most effectively on acidic soils in combination with water-soluble forms of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Sodium nitrate is used for the main application in early spring with a row before sowing application under sugar, fodder and table beets and in top dressing - during the growing season.

      Restrictions: It is prohibited to mix sodium nitrate with superphosphate. It is also best to refrain from using sodium nitrate on salt licks, as this degrades soils that are already overly saturated with sodium. Sodium nitrate is widely used in industry as: - component of acid pickling solution for stainless steel pipes; - ingredient of salt lubricant for rolling stainless steel pipes on mills; - cooking accelerator, decolorizer, glass clarifier; - as a component of quenching baths in the metalworking industry; - used in rocket fuels, heat storage and pyrotechnic compositions; - as a component of liquid salt refrigerants (nitrate mixture).

      Food sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate, preservative E251) in the food industry is used in meat processing, as it is easily reduced to sodium nitrite, etc. Depending on the application, sodium nitrate is produced in two grades: A - for the preparation of fluxes for soldering and welding metals, production of reagents, pyrotechnic mixtures, optical glass, crystal and in industries where the impurities of oxidizable substances in terms of NaNO2 are strictly limited; B - for etching metals, fusing lumpy tungsten waste, lightening technical glasses and for retail trade.

      Physicochemical characteristics of sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate) GOST 828-77. Indicator name Norm for grade A B Appearance White transparent crystals with a grayish or yellowish tint Mass fraction of sodium nitrate in terms of dry matter,%, not less than 99.8 99.5 Mass fraction of water,%, not more than 0.5 0, 5 Mass fraction of substances insoluble in water,%, not more than 0.03 0.03 Mass fraction of chloride salts in terms of NaCl,%, not more than 0.15 0.30 Mass fraction of oxidizable substances in terms of NaNO2,%, not more than 0.01 0.20 Mass fraction of iron in terms of Fe2O3,%, not more than 0.001 - Mass fraction of chromium in terms of Cr2O3,%, not more than 0.0001 - Safety requirements for sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate) GOST 828 -77. Toxicity degree 3

      The main properties and hazards of sodium nitrate: Main properties: White transparent crystals with a grayish or yellowish tint. Strong oxidizing agent. Explosion and fire hazard Non-flammable, fire hazardous substance, is an oxidizing agent. Promotes spontaneous combustion of combustible materials. Explosive decomposition is possible on heating and detonation. When heated, it decomposes with the formation of oxygen, which contributes to both the occurrence of combustion and the rapid development of a fire. Burns producing toxic gases. Danger to humans: Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and eyes. The dust is irritating. Chemical burn.

      Methemoglobin may form in the blood when it enters the human body. Personal protective equipment An insulating protective suit KIH-5 complete with an insulating gas mask IP-4M or a protective combined-arms suit L-1 or L-2 complete with an industrial gas mask with a KD cartridge, a small industrial gas mask PFM-1, gloves made of butyl rubber dispersion, special footwear. In case of fire - a fireproof suit complete with a self-rescuer SPI-20. At low concentrations in the air (with an increase in MPC up to 100 times) - overalls, an autonomous protective individual set with forced supply of purified air to the breathing zone with cartridges PZU, PZ-2, a filtering gas mask RPG with a cartridge KD, a filter respirator FORT-P ", Universal respirator" Snowball-KU-M ". Emergency actions to be taken General Move the car to a safe place. Isolate the danger zone within a radius of at least 800 m. Correct the indicated distance according to the results of chemical exploration.

      Remove bystanders. Enter the danger zone wearing protective equipment. Observe fire safety measures. No smoking. Eliminate sources of fire and sparks. Provide first aid to the injured. In the event of leakage, spillage and spillage, Inform the CSEN. Do not touch the spilled substance. Protect spills with an earthen rampart. Avoid contact with oil products and other flammable substances. In case of fire In the event of a fire, extinguish with plenty of water, with OP-3 or OP-5 fire extinguishers, nitrogen, dry sand, asbestos blanket from the maximum distance. Neutralization Collect and send scatter for disposal in compliance with fire safety measures. Isolate the placer with sand, rinse with plenty of water.

      Avoid contact of the substance, rinsing water with oil products and other combustible materials. Wash the surfaces of the rolling stock with plenty of water, detergent compositions. First aid measures Call an ambulance. Fresh air, peace, warmth, clean clothes. Rinse the skin with plenty of water. Immediately rinse the affected eyes with a stream of cold water for 10-30 minutes with well-opened eyelids, followed by hospitalization in the ophthalmology department. In case of burns, an aseptic bandage is used. Sodium nitrate is a non-combustible fire hazardous substance, is an oxidizing agent, according to the degree of impact on the body, it belongs to substances of the 3rd hazard class. Packaging, transportation and storage. Sodium nitrate is packed in five-layer paper laminated bags, five- and six-layer bituminous bags, polyethylene bags-liners nested in five-layer paper untreated bags.

      It is allowed, upon agreement with the consumer, to pack sodium nitrate in polyethylene bags or soft specialized containers of single use type MKR- 1.0C. Sodium nitrate is transported in covered railway wagons, closed deck ships and covered vehicles, in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for this type of transport. Joint transportation of sodium nitrate with combustible materials and food is not allowed. When loading, unloading, transporting and storing sodium nitrate, it is not allowed to clog or mix with organic combustible substances in order to avoid spontaneous combustion of the latter. Sodium nitrate is stored in a closed warehouse in a packaged form. Sodium nitrate is allowed, packed in soft specialized containers.

      Store in open areas. When storing loaded containers in open areas, the bottom row should be placed on pallets and flooring. The shelf life of the product is not limited.

    Concentrated form of fertilizerTrue
    Maximal temperature of effective action40
    Minimum temperature of effective action0 hail.
    Packing25 kg sack
    Preparativnaya formGranules
    Type of fertilizerAmmoniac saltpetre

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